GOD OF WAR 4 (although “Dad Of War” would’ve sounded better): Release Date

We all hoped to hear its official release date at the E3, but that’s not what happened. Instead, they just gived us a new trailer building up even more our hype for the serie. However, not all hope is lost. As stated by Playstationlifestyle the 12 June, Youtube Gaming has revealed the release date, which is the 28 November 2017.

In the last God of War (if we don’t count the prequels), we saw Kratos killing himself to give humanity what it had lost: hope. But what many of us didn’t see, was the after credit scene, where just like in any marvel movie, we saw a hint of what will happen in the “next episode”. What we saw, was nothing. Nothing where there should be something: Kratos body. All that was left, was a line of blood going from where his corpse was to a cliff (kinda reminds us of how he throw himself off a cliff in the first God of War game).

Here’s the video:

Now, in this new game he’s reincarnated in the land of the Nordic Gods. Does that mean that Zeus and all the other Gods got reincarnated as well? Considering the similarities between the two mythologies, it could be explained. Kratos is still a God of War… the gameplay has changed, but don’t worry! Violence, blood and gore don’t lack. In fact, they’re even better now that the fight is more “close-up”, for we get to see every detail and an upload of adrenaline down our veins. Weapons have changed too, but war… war never changes (please, tell me you got the Fallout reference). Our favorite Spartan (well, except Leonidas), is now wielding an axe very similar to Thor’s hammer. If we consider that Thor was the son of Odin (father of the Gods) and that he could control thunders, it could be that with this reincarnation Kratos has inherited his father’s (Zeus) powers.

Speaking of fathers, Kratos had a son. Not as strong nor brutal as him, but surely as determinated, he has some weird powers, for example the capacity of understanding a giant snake talking in another language.

In the game, Kratos and his son must go through a very dangerous journey (although its ultimate goal hasn’t been revealed yet… MAN! Videogames companies surely love to keep the fans wondering) during which, Kratos will teach his child everything he knows about the art of war.

This is the trailer shown at the E3:

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