Dragon Ball FighterZ: The Game We’ve Been Dreaming To Play


For once the game serie’s developers finally listened to the fans!

The game is gonna be released on early 2018

(currently Arc System Works is working on it).

Not gonna lie, I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan and I was heavily disappointed with the road the game serie had taken.
From Ultimate Tenkaichi on, Bandai Namco’s games were just awful. Recently, they had given a fresh twist to the serie with Xenoverse, but the game still lacked something… the original feeling that all the Dragon Ball games used to give. This was just another MMORPG focused only on the graphic with a gameplay too easy, “automatic” and generally boring. Xenoverse 2 didn’t help either. At this point, all the oldest fans got tired of these surrogate remakes and simply asked on various forums for a remake of one of the two best Dragon Ball Z games of all times:

  • Dragon Ball Budokai 3
  • Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Why are they considered the bests? One word: gameplay.

Perfectly structured with character roasters characterized by unique fighting styles for each hero or villain. On this, Dragon ball Budokai Tenkaichi had outdone itself, with 98 characters in 161 forms (each with different fighting styles as well), making it one of the largest roaster in the history of fighting games. Some people love it so much that they made mods for it with the new stories introduced by Dragon Ball Super.
However, they don’t have to play that anymore! The new Dragon ball FighterZ is the game we secretly wished for without daring to ask for it. A game where the graphic is almost identical to the anime, making it look as if we’re actually controlling one of the episodes we used to watch as kids (and not only. I still watch it).
This game could be considered a remake of Budokai 3, with a modern graphic made to look retro. But enough with the chit-chat, it’s underscrivable. Just check out the videos:



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