Far Cry 5 (Or As I Call It: “Preacher’s Nightmare”) : Release Date Confirmed

Finally the release date of one of the most heavily awaited games of 2017 has been revealed. Far Cry 5 will come out the 27 February of 2018. It’ll be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
Far Cry 5’s Collector Edition has been detailed as well. The “Hope County”, MT Collector’s Case is available for pre-order only on Ubisoft Store. In addition to the Golden Edition, it’ll include also the Season Pass for access to the future expansions and it’ll also have a Digital Deluxe Pack that’ll add new vehicles, weapons and outfits.

The new Far Cry is ambientated in a setting that to some people seems a little too provocative: the mountains of Montana. The creative lead said that he wanted “Far Cry” to focus in on some of those uncomfortable feelings that come along with 2017 America. But you know what? We’ve seen the Caribbeans, the Himalayas and even the stone age! I personally think that this setting is perfect. We need a little bit more of American Culture.
The gameplay is the classical mark of this serie, but as always, they’ve introduced some improvements.
Some of them are:

  • CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION: According to Ubisoft’s recent teases during interviews and press releases, the players will be able to choose gender, race and skin tone.
  • FOUR ANTAGONISTS: The player is gonna fight against a rural christian cult lead by a preacher called Joseph. He’s the main antagonist, but throughout the story there’ll be three more villains, each with its own plans.
  • ENTIRE CAMPAIGN PLAYABLE IN CO-OP: A representative from Ubisoft told Polygon that the entire campaign will be playable with a friend, but only online. No local co-op.

If you’d like to know more, check the announcement trailer:


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