Don’t Know What To Read? Read For Free The Best Thriller Book You Don’t Know About Yet

Don’t know what to read?

As a reader, there’s nothing more devastating than finishing a great book.

Reading is a drug.

Immersing yourself in a great story and then suddenly getting “dried out” leaves you wanting more, with a hunger for flowing words comparable only to a vampire’s craving for blood.
You’re looking for some new exciting story but you’ve already devoured every title you could think about? Happens to the best of us. The good news is that as you already know, there’s always something new to read. The problem is finding something of quality. How many times has it happened to you that some of the most famous and heavily acclaimed novels or sagas to you seemed boring-bleach? Of course it depends on tastes, and sometimes it seems impossible to find a book with the flavor you’re looking for. That’s why I created this “review serie” called “Don’t Know What To Read?”. Out there, there are countless incredible books with masterpiece stories that are unknown to most readers. I want to change this. In this article, as the title says, I’m going to inform you about the best of thriller books you’ve never heard about, for it’s a brand new story. Blood? Sex? Drama? Unpredictable actions? IT HAS THEM ALL.


You can read the book online for FREE at Wattpad.


That being said, here’s my personal opinion on the novel.
In the Movie V for Vendetta, Alan Moore (playing the character called “V”) said:

Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.

and I don’t think there’s any other quote capable of describing better than this, The_RebelAngel’s (Aka Seraphine Angelini) work.
Every story, no matter if thriller, romantic, fantasy or any other genre, has one criteria that bounds it as the relative concept of being either good or bad. That criteria is realism. Don’t get me wrong though. When I say realism I mean something very different from what you’re probably thinking right now. Dragons, weird worlds, unrealisticly cheesy love stories  and all the other fruits of fantasy are great and I personally love them, but what I mean by realism is that the logic behind the character’s actions should be realistic, despite of the settings and scenarios they’re in. Even insane murderers with a twisted mind must have a logic (even if a crazy one) behind their actions. Otherwise the story would look like a cheap surrogate of a book, with no actual plot.
In this, Miss Angelini’s skills and hard work didn’t disappoint.

I must admit that at first, some parts of her book seemed like a pure cliché, but I was wrong and things changed quickly. The book is about a girl named Skyler, who’s stalked and tortured by a murderer maniac (guess where? In the woods). Doesn’t seem very unique, does it? However, this is nothing like the ordinary, cliché horror story we’re used to. Switching from first to third person, Seraphine describes the point of view of more than just one character, jumping for 99% of the story between the girl’s thoughts and the murderer’s monstrous desires.
Our poor victim isn’t the classic “run-scream-fell-die girl”. Although terrorized just like it’s normally expected to feel in such a situation, she quickly inverts the role of hunter and pray, escaping from that hell and “enchanting” her victim (the maniac) to the point he “fell in love for her” (obviously in its own depraved way). You’d think that’s a spoiler alert, but it actually isn’t, for the story trully begins right after that moment.

Elmore Leonard once said:

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.

and that’s the quality I appreciated the most in Miss Angelini’s writing style.

It’s not a writing style at all.

The characters are literally (see what I did there) living beings telling you their own story. You can sense their presence, their souls in your mind, so clearly it almost seems they’re sitting right next to you, just like a friend ready for some funny chit-chat (although with more blades involded). And that’s not even the best part of it. Although they give you some great insights in the plot, you almost don’t notice their thoughts, for the whole book is nicely packed up with a perfect mix of action, suspense, and sensations variating from pain and fear, to lust and even to a simultaneous mix of both. The sexual tension builded up in this book is so intense and “main-role-taking” that at some point I started questioning myself about whether or not this was an erotica book.
Truth speaking, this book is more than just a thriller. It’s a mistery/psychological-horror/thriller/erotica/romance.

This book is a fantastic page turner and it won’t let you unstick your eyes from it.
As a reader, I kept wondering about what would happen next, and as soon as I thought I understood where the story was going, BAAAM! Sudden twists changed everything multiple times, making me even more curious.

The ending is the icing on the cake, shocking the reader with incredibly sad moral letions, despite of what can be considered as a “happy ending”. But don’t worry! You won’t get too “dried up” again, for the author is already writing a sequel called “When That Gavel Fell“.

Before telling you what is my final opinion on the novel, here are the lists of its pros and cons.


  1. Great plot
  2. Immersive writing style
  3. Page-turner
  4. Realistic logic
  5. Suspense
  6. Unpredictable plot twists
  7. Intense sexual scenes
  8. Gruesome tortures
  9. Funny and awkward dialogues
  10. Moral letions
  11. Many genres fused together
  12. Unique writing style


“NEUTRAL CONS” (Cons that despite the fact they’re cons, didn’t ruin at all the reading experience)

  1. When the author switches between one character to another, she marks the change with the sign ” *** ” without specifying who’s point of view she’s telling. However, that won’t be a problem for after a few phrases you will already understand who’s view you’re looking at.
  2. There are a lot of song’s and band’s names, and if you don’t know them it could be a little more difficult to immagine the atmosphere.
  3. Many characters look like celebrities, and if you don’t know what those celebrities look like, you could have some difficulty immagining what they look like.
  4. The first chapters of the book remind you of the super-used clichés of horror movies.
  5. There are parts of the book that may seem completely senseless, but in the end everything will make sense, including those parts. SPOILER ALERT! For example, a murderer chased by police is free in the city’s area. Skyler is at a huge and very loud party. What do you think she’d do according to horror movies’ logic? Well, go for a walk alone in the woods near there of course! Great idea, “brava”… (“brava” is the female form of “bravo” in italian).


In the end, my opinion of this book it’s that it’s a true masterpiece and that Seraphine Angelini is a true artist.
I became a big fan of the Virgin Killer saga and I can’t wait to read its sequel. My rating of this book is 4,5 stars out of 5. 


P.S Since she likes so much to put songs name in her book, I’m gonna put a song too in this review. This songs describes her main goal as a writer preety well…






The Man In The Woods

When That Gavel Fell

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Please, write me in the comments down below which genres’ unknown great books you’d like to know about. Also, any other constructive advice is welcome.

Have a good read 😉
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