The Secret Behind Every Religion And Mythology: The Anunnaki


Do you want to believe in something good and right, but constantly question the beliefs of your own religion? That’s good. Faith and Religions are two very different things. Faith unites people, while Religions have divided them for centuries. Look at what they’ve done so far…

many religions claim that they’re righteous. That they exist for justice, love and generosity. Yet they’ve caused wars, battles, sufference and countless deaths. They’ve poisoned humans’ hearts with fear, greed and hatred. How can this be justice? My goal here is not to make you believe in anything. In one way or another I believe in every religion and mythology that has ever existed, and not just from a mere, phylosophical point of view. I literally believe in those beliefs. I believe in those so called “myths” and “legends”. For those of you who don’t know this, there’s a category (NOT A RELIGION, NOR A CULT) for all those people who simply believe in something, but don’t follow religions. That category is esoterism.

  • Atheists don’t believe in anything.
  • Agnostics believe that maybe there’s something more to life, but that we don’t have enough informations to believe in something.
  • Esoterists are interested in history and in the secret, scientifical and phylosophical knowledge hidden within the roots of every religion. Every esoterist has different beliefs.



That’s a tricky question I’ve been wondering for a while. For many years I’ve been trying to learn as much as I could about the questions that most human minds have probably asked themselves at some point of their existence:


What’s the point of life?

Where is God (or the Gods)?

Why does He/She/They ignore human sufference and all the injustices there are in this world?

Why do religion speak about doing the right thing in some points of their sacred scriptures and then say the exact opposite in other points of said scriptures?

For example:

  • In the christian religion, God ordered Abraham to kill his son to “prove” his faith.
  • Half of the Leviticus (one of the many books that form the Bible) is about the price people should pay to buy slaves, the price they should ask if they want to sell slaves etc. Both the Old and the New Testament aproove slavery.
  • And the list goes on. It’s countless.

So, why do things work in this strange, ipocritic way? It’s a difficult question to answer, and so is the answer…


What if every religion was the same?

Think about it for a moment. People have been fighting for centuries, slaughtering each other because of the differences between their religion, but what would happen if they had no difference? Because that’s how things are, and not just metaphorically.

What most people don’t know, is that the roots of most religions and mythologies, if not all of them (even of civilizations on the opposite side of the world whom hadn’t yet met) started with the very same legends.

The versions of the legend have many variations, but in almost all of them, there’s a dysfunctional family. Although those legends mention all the members, they’re mostly focused on a father and two brothers.

The variations of the version are:

  • One of the brothers betraying the other.
  • The father betraying one of his sons.
  • The father betraying all of his sons.

The betrayed member of the family is the one who created the human race (and paradoxally he’s sometimes considered a traitor because he helped our race).

However, what most religions/mythologies truly have in common is the “creation part” of the legend.
The way he created the human race is also almost identical in each of those religions and mythologies. He built their bodies out of mud/earth in his own likeness (in some versions he used his own blood mixed with earth), and then puffed in them the “breath of life”. The only variation from religion to religion (or from mythology to mythology) is that in some versions, a woman helps him, doing half of the job. Because of it’s presence in most “belief systems” it is linked to a big variety of other topics. In order to fully comprehend the reality and the importance of this legend, it is first necessary to aknowledge other facts linked to it.


  1. SUMERIAN: Mankind created by Enki/Enkig (God of crafts, creation, intelligence, wiseness, water, seawater, lakewater) and Ninmah/Ninki/Ninhursag (Goddess of mountains, earth, nature and fertility). Enki and Ninmah were two of the most important and ancient Gods of sumerian mythology.
  2. CHRISTIAN: In the Genesis it is written that God created man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.
  3. ISLAM: In the Qur’an, God created man from clay.
  4. ANCIENT GREEK MYTHOLOGY: Prometheus the Titan created man from clay and Demeter breathed life into them (in the Theogony of Hesiod, Prometheus is the son of the Titan Iapetus by Clymene, one of the Oceanids, while Demeter is the Goddess of agricolture, harvest, fertility and sacred law).
  5. CHINESE MYTHOLOGY: Nüwa, Goddess of creation and of music sculpted creatures out of yellow earth, giving them life and the ability to procreate. She was the first deity of chinese mythology.
  6. EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY: Khnum, God of creation and of the waters (specifically, waters of the river Nile) molded human children from clay before placing them into their mother’s womb,
  7. AMERICAN INDIAN RELIGION: The “Earth-maker” created day and night, land, water and every living being. Humans were created with soft clay into which he then “breathed life”.
  8. INCA MYTHOLOGY: Viracocha, God of creation, waters, sun and storms had created humans out of clay on his second attempt at creating living creatures.
  9. MAYA/AZTEC MYTHOLOGY: Quetzalcoatl, also known as Kukulcan and the “Plumed snake”, was a God of winds, rain, agricolture, wisdom, knowledge, learning, science, crafts, arts, priests, merchants and the Morning Star, inventor of the calendar and creator of the world, the sun, fire and humans. He created humans by stealing ancient creatures’ bones from the underworld and giving them to Cihuacoatl (Goddess of fertility and protector of mothers) who milled and mixed them with corn and blood (depending on versions, the blood is either hers or Quetzalcoatl’s).
  10. LAOTIAN MYTHOLOGY: It is drawn from three primary sources: Buddhism, Hindu and Animist, mixed with original legends of spirits. In laotian mythology there are different stories of humans created from mud and clay.


(Note: there's also another legend present in most of religions and mythologies. The famous "Flood/Deluge myth")


The Venus of Willendorf, a statue believed to have had a religious function for Paleolithic people.

In order to fully understand this original legend, we must first aknowledge other legends related to it.

So, how is this possible?

Where do all this coincidences come from?

The first known belief in a divinity is dated back to 40.000 years ago, when the Upper Paleolithic began in Europe.  The nameless cult venerated a single deity, considered Goddess of fertility because of the “Venus figurines” and a Goddess of nature because of the cave art portraying her (from here the idea/term “Mother Nature” has slowly evolved). However, except this works of art, there’s nothing we can learn about this Goddess, for “writing” wasn’t yet invented. Because of this, everything regarding her is disputed. In my personal opinion, the most probable hypothesis are two:

  • Either she was the Goddess of nature and fertility, for human existence depends completely on what nature provides and on the reproduction of our species, continuing to exist even after our death. The first, disputed evidence of intentional burial of the dead is dated to 300,000 years ago (found in Atapuerca, Spain. Including 32 individuals in a pit within a cave), while the UNDISPUTED one is dated to 130,000 years ago in sites such as Krapina in Croazia (Neanderthals buried their dead).
  • Or, she wasn’t a deity at all. Men have always been men, and back in those times, when primitive instincts were more alive than ever, this naked “Venus figurines” and paintings on rock walls could’ve simply been one of the first kinds of pornography.





Let’s leave alone for a moment the fact that the history we are teached in schools is a lie (because everytime a war ended, the winners wrote the story as they pleased) and focus just on the history behind the concept called “religion”. Religion has been for centuries a double edged sword. It was a way to describe concepts about nature, science and other humans that we found difficult to comprehend. Because of this, the way this knowledge was transmitted to the future generations was through the things they already knew and understood. That’s what metaphors exist for in every civilization. With time, human nature’s natural greed for power grow, overflowing in a monstrous lie. They convinced people that those metaphors weren’t metaphors, but literal concepts instead. As time kept flowing, and languages evolved, so did this lie. Wrong translations and new parts drastically morphed the so called “sacred writings” of every religion. But then again,

what was the original truth?

Why did they have so much in common?

Human race is a nomad race. We always move, that’s why we’ve “colonized” and “conquered” the lands and the skies of every country. In the 20th century we’ve even managed to reach the space. But what many people don’t know is that we’ve moved more than it was letted us to know. History has always been written and modified by the winners, hiding as much as they could of the huge successes of those who had lost the wars. Immagine how many times the story of our past could’ve been modified during thousands of years.
For example, returning to the “nomad race” topic, there are archeological proofs that Asians discovered the “New World” much before Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci did, 3,300 years ago. And 2,600 years ago, they’ve even traded bronze artefacts there.


If you’d like to learn more, here are two links to articles:

Did China Discover America?

Bronze artefacts suggest East Asia traded with the New World

The nice thing about history, just like for any other subject, is that there’s always something new to learn, speaking of which, here’s a little summary of what you’ve read so far in this article.

  • We know every religion has the very same legend as its common root.
  • We know that this is possible because humans have been moving from continent to continent much earlier than we knew they did after building civilizations (I’m saying “after building civilizations” because they’ve been moving before civilizations started existing. Homo Sapiens’ anchestor, the Homo Erectus, firstly migrated from Africa 2 million years ago).

With these information, the next question is the one that actually starts up the engine of the article:

“where does this legend come from?”


Trilingual cuneiform inscription of Xerxes at Van Fortress in Turkey, written in Old Persian, Akkadian, and Elamite

(In the year 1849 CE, Sir Austen Henry Layard (he’s an english Archaeologist and global explorer) discovered inside the ruins of ancient Babylon in southern Mesopotamia, the first pieces of what is now one of the greatest archeological puzzles of all times: Cuneiform Tablets. Currently, almost 31,000 of these ancient clay tablets are housed in the British Museum, most of which still have yet to be translated (it’s hard to translate them because there are writings of different ages, resulting in a big evolution of the language, changing the meaning of a lot of the words. Not to mention the fact that many of these ancient texts are fragmented and/or incomplete, making it obviously difficult to piece together their contents).

However, after specialists have spent decades to decipher these symbols, it has been confirmed that these stories share a striking resemblance to Biblical stories of creation, deities, the great flood and even a giant ark to survive it. Truth speaking, as I wrote before, they have a striking resemblance to most religions and mythologies, not just with christian ones.

  • The tablet regarding the myth of creation belongs to the Louvre. If you'd like to learn more about that specific tablet, the "source article" is on this link to site:
  • While if you'd like to learn more about all the tablets, click on this link to

That being said, the original legend comes from ancient sumerians, which are officialy considered to be the first urban civilization of history in southern Mesopotamia (now called Iraq) and arguably the most ancient civilization of the world, competing with Ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley, because everything before that, is considered to be just small villages or nomad groups. However, that is again, nothing more but another lie. The reasons?

  1. All the dates of beyond the 2000 BCE are approximative, because up to the 2000 BCE the error margin that can be made by men is of 10 – 15 years. But beyond 2000 BCE, they get much, much more innacurate, with an error margin that can go up to 1 THOUSAND YEAR. The difficulty in dating correctly such important events is in the fact that the best officialy known method (Radiocarbon dating) isn’t linear enough, for the C-14’s reduction rate has not been homogeneous over time.
  2. With the term “civilization”, it is meant that a large group of people have been living united in the same land for centuries, creating their own traditions, culture, cities/villages etc. therefore, if we must really talk about which is the most ancient civililization on Earth, a great contestant is surprisingly one that’s still very alive up to this day: the Georgian civilization (which managed to survive even after 4,000 years of invasions and even after being one of the first christian countries in the fourth century CE though they were surrounded by muslims countries, which had been pressuring them).
  3. Sumerian civilization’s birth and death dates are dated respectively to 4500 BCE – 2004 BCE. However, modern historians have suggested that Sumer was first permanently settled between 5500 and 4000 BCE by West Asian people. Just for a moment, let’s believe that it started existing on 5500 BCE…
  4. On the other hand, most historians, scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists and linguists agree that the anchestors of modern Georgians inhabited the southern Caucasus and the northern Anatolia since the Neolitic period and there’s even a proof. Neolitic was beginning in 10,200 BCE (only in some parts of the Middle East. In other parts of the world, it started later), while a 13,000 hunter’s bones were found in a Georgian cave.
  5. Another great contestant is also caucasian, the Armenian civilization. Also dated to being inhabitated in the Neolitic Era, their first civilization, the Shulavery-Shomu culture of the central Transcaucasus region, is dated to roughly 6000 BCE – 4000 BCE
  6. There are also the Andean civilizations. Most of the cultures of the Late Horizon and some of the Late Intermediate joined the Inca Empire in 1493, but they were civilizations much before that. More specifically, although subdivided, they ruled pre-colombian Perù since 9500 BCE . And if someone believes that just because they were subdivided they can’t be considered as civilizations, it’s clearly written in the Cambridge dictionary that “civilization” means:

Human society with its well developed social organizations, or the culture and way of life of a society or country at a particular period of time.

These are not even all the ancient civilizations, but they are the ones that are most related to the original legend, for they all play the very same role in its story.



Wikipedia English:



History of Armenia

Periodization of pre-Columbian Peru

Wikipedia Italian:



13,000 years old hunter in Georgian cave


The Maya civilty’s Long Count calendar.

The Maya civilty (2000 BCE – 1697 CE) and every other civilization that has existed during the same period in Mexico and in Central America, believed that time should not be measured as a line (as we do) but as a circle instead. Because of this logic, they believed that some (if not all) events are destinated to happen over and over again. They had subdivided this circle in 5 ages. That is also why their Long Count calendar was shaped as a circle.

Unlike common beliefs, their prophecy regarding 2012 actually happened. The story about the “world’s end” was a lie created by media etc. to sell books, dvds, to raise TV shows audience and to make money in any other way they possibly could from this. The true prophecy was far different and MUCH MORE POSITIVE. The reason their calendar ended on 21 December 2012 was because of another legend (which I won’t discuss in this article) regarding a Galactic Aligment. There are many kinds of galactic aligments. For example the winter’s solstice, which takes place every year on December 21. However, the one the Mayas pointed out: the precession of the equinox, happens once every 25,625 years (last time it started on 3114 BCE and it would’ve ended and restart on 2012, which happened). If you’d like to know more about it, click on this link.

When it restarts, so does their calendar as we enter in a new era. According to them, the Ages are:

  1. Age of Water
  2. Age of Air
  3. Age of Fire
  4. Age of Earth
  5. Age of Gold

Before 21 December 2012 we were in the Age of Gold. The other four ages before it had always ended in huge catastrophes, and that’s where the belief of “world’s end” was feaded, but accoding to the Maya, CIVILIZATIONS are the ones that are born, live, die and then work as a base/foundation ground for other CIVILIZATIONS to be born and grow. What I’m trying to say is that civilizations are obviously not the entire human race. They’ve predicted with success their own civilization’s doomsday and unfortunatelly many Maya’s got killed by Hernand Cortes’ men, but not all the Maya died. Their descendants are still alive and although it was the tragic end of one of the greatest civilizations of human history, it wasn’t the end of the entire human race. World War I and World War II were much more close to being considered the end of the world, yet the world is still alive (wounded, but still alive).

Their calendar did not stop at all. There’s a Sixth Era (aka First). just like there’s a Seventh (aka Second), an Eighth (aka Third) etc.
The Sixth Era is again the “Age of Water”. A phase that will indeed begin with some natural disasters, which did happen.

  • Heat caused by global warming made 2017’s summer the hottest to have ever been recorder.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes in Italy destroyed many cities.
  • A lot of floods are expected by scientists and researchers to happen all around the world up to the year 2050. And unlike the prevision regarding the end of the world, this one has scientific proofs. To learn more, click on this link.
  • Athough it is said that Earth’s natural resources will end by 2050 (more informations can be found by clicking on this link: ).
  • And the list goes on.

This phase of natural catastrophes will continue (according to them) for almost 1000 years, during which, in every civilization on the planet, humans will have a mental and spiritual “revolution” that will culminate in our race having a huge “evolutional boost” (more intelligence, more empathy etc.) and a time of peace.




This concept of time repeating itself plays a huge role in this legend. As there are many version of this legend because of the many religions based from it, it is surprising that so happens also in the original religion that wrote it. Now called “sumerian mythology”, this “system of beliefs” is the most advanced and realistical in human history. This legend, is a long story that keeps unfolding itself and isn’t yet finished. It has been translated from scriptures and images by many specialists, and the translations have some differences too. However, the key factors are always present. Those key factors may be the scientifical proof that every God exists or has existed in the past. Seems unbelievable? Let me explain…

In 1976, an author and researcher called Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) published his personal translations of the Sumerian scriptures in a series of books called “The Earth Chronicles”. Zecharia is the creator of the “Theory of ancient astronauts“, which is much more than a mere theory, for there are countless proofs of what he wrote. This legend is very hard to believe at first, because it may seem impossible that an ancient civilization was capable of describing so clearly things that weren’t yet invented by humans. However, it is what they wrote.
The “summary” of the most trustworthy versions of the legend I’ve read is the following:

There’s an alien race called Anunnaki, who lives on a planet called Nibiru.
Nibiru had troubles with a breech in their athmosphere (just like Earth’s Ozone depletion).
The planet was slowly dying. A king was murdered.
The monarchy’s council decided that it’s murderer should’ve becomed the new king, for he was a distant relative of the victim. The new king, whose name was Alalu, tried to heal the planet and seal the breech by detonating atomic bombs in volcanos, but it didn’t work. Because of this failure, the Anunnaki became displeased and the next person in the line for the throne found it a perfect opportunity to challenge the king. That challenger was his own son Anu, and he did manage to defeat the father. Alalu escaped the Annunaki, without giving up on saving his homeplanet. He followed the instructions of an old legend of his people, about a planet rich of gold (gold was the only thing capable of saving for sure their planet, but they had runned out of it), whom nobody ever managed to reach.

NOTE: They needed to release gold in the upper layer of their planet's atmosphere to (just like here on Earth, people have been releasing millions of tons of nanoparticles of alloy in the stratosphere. It is called Project Sun Radiation - SRM).

The reason nobody was able to reach it was a thick asteroid belt. To break through, he decided to carry other atom bombs in his spaceship. He managed to reach the famous planet, which was covered with snow at the time. It was our planet Earth during one of its ice ages. The king hibernated himself inside his ship, and once he awoke, he started exploring the now warmed Earth.

NOTE: the first animal he met was a snake.

He found the air, the fruits, the animals and the sea to be good. While exploring, he constantly carried with himself a metal box emitting beeping noises. At first he found no gold, but once he immerged the box in the sea, he detected an incredible ammount of gold hidden underground. He returned to Nibiru with the news, trying to bribe his son. In exchange for his knowledge regarding gold on Earth, Alalu asked him to restore his kingship.
At the end of the negotiations, the deal was that if there was indeed gold on Earth, Anu would give Alalu another chance to beat him.

A team was sent to Earth, although they briefly stopped on Mars to refill the water

NOTE: their spaceships worked with water, kind of like humanity's modern steam technology. Except that, scientist have actually confirmed that there was water on Mars and that there's still some, although underground. To learn more about this, here's a link regarding NASA's confirmation).

The Anunnaki team arrived on Earth and explored it for 6 days, finding plenty of food, water and animals.
The seventh day was declared a day of rest by the leader of the team

NOTE: just like in the Bible it has been declared a day of rest by God.

Gold was found too but in small quantities. All the remaining A-bombs were removed from Alalu’s ship and hidden in a cave to avoid than anyone else would reach the planet. An anunnaki returned to Nibiru with the first basket full of gold, spreading the word that there was much more gold underground.

Anu became interested. A high ranking anunnaki was temporarily placed in charge of Earth’s operations. Later, Anu himself went to Earth with his two sons. Enlil (General of his army, capable of controlling the winds) and Enki (Leader of the scientists, capable of controlling the waters).

Arrived on Earth, Anu and his two sons drew lots to decide which role they would have

NOTE: just like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades did in Greek Mythology.

Taking them to Earth was his plan to stop their rivalry, for both of them where equally eligible for the next kingship. One would’ve returned to Nibiru and the other would’ve stayed on Earth to command the operations. When the decision was announced, Alalu restated that Anu owed him a rematch. Anu fought against his father and defeated him again. A court decided what to do with the defeated Alalu (His grandson Enlil wanted him dead). The final verdict was to send him to Mars and leave him to die there.

In the meanwhile, Enki and Enlil had made their choices. Enlil was the leader of his father’s army and therefore he couldn’t leave his duties on his planet. On the other hand, Enki was a scientist, therefore exploring another planet’s nature was a perfect opportunity for him to make revolutionary researches. Enki stayed on Earth and Enlil returned to Nibiru, although he kept coming to Earth for brief periods.
The lowest classes of their society were picked to dig for gold. It was obviously a tiring job (even with the advanced machines they used) and they started protesting. On the edge of a revolution, Anu was forced to accept their protests and to stop making them work. The scientists got appointed with a difficult mission: finding a solution.

Their first idea was to create new living forms from scratch, but it would’ve required too much time and resources. Enki however, proposed another plan, saying that the creatures they were looking for already existed here on Earth. They were “monkeys”, slowly evolving to become human creatures. Enki had discovered that their Tselem (the DNA) was compatible with its race’s Tselem. They captured these evolving monkeys, now called by us “Homo Neanderthalensis“, which misteriously extinted 40,000 years ago

NOTE: just when the first religion, cult of Mother Nature/Venus of Willendorf/Goddess of fertility was born.

and tried to mix the humanoid monkeys’ DNA with theirs. They failed many times, resulting in humans with all sorts of deformities and health problems. At some point, Enki even tried to use his own royal blood, considered to be purer, but it didn’t help. In the end however, Enki’s wife (Ninmah, “Goddess of fertility” who worked as a scientist too) helped him, “breathing life” in his “clay model”

NOTE: a clay model could be a 3D project on a computer, just like modern 3D animation movie characters are created in our modern times. A lot of modern graphic programs such as Blender, 3DS, Maya etc. allow to do that).

In some versions, a nameless woman (maybe Ninmah herself) got artificially inseminated with this mixed DNA. The birth wasn’t a normal one, but it worked. The first human was born and his name was Adapa. Later they inseminated other seven women as well, giving birth to other humans.

An interesting fact to remember, is that even if Adapa was the first human, he wasn't the only one, there were hundreds, maybe thousands of other humans. How? Because of what happened next in the "legend".

The anunnaki had and incredible life span (in some versions it is written that they lived 35,000 years, in other that they lived up to 250,000. I don’t know which is right, but what I do know is that the legend answers again to this question…). Because of this, the first humans lived much longer than we do (more than 900 years, according to the Bible). During that time, the other humans were created with blood that was less pure (because the mothers weren’t of pure royal blood like Ninmah’s, but anunnaki of lower classes instead), although Enki’s blood was always present in each of them. Those low class humans worked as slaves, in exchange for knowledge regarding all sorts of topics, especially technology, so that they could build their own cities and slowly make their own civilization.

Adapa was different. He lived alone in the “Eden garden”, (which historically is considered to be a specific zone in Iraq, although which zone is yet unknown) separated from the rest of humanity, without having to work a single day in his life.

During those 900 years, Adapa somehow managed to meet a woman called Lilith. He fell in love with her and “married her”, which at the time meant living together. But their marriage wasn’t allowed for he had to reproduce with a woman of his same social class. The problem was that such woman didn’t exist, so they created Eve.

Eve didn’t love Adam either and didn’t want to be with him. Her “sinful act” wasn’t that she ate an apple

NOTE: this idea people have of the apple being the emblem of sin itself is one of history's biggest translations mistakes. The word that had been traduced from hebraic to latin was "malum" which meant both "bad" and "apple. The original meaning was that it was bad that she didn't follow her superiors' orders.)

Eve had sex with an anunnaki called Samael.

When Anu came to know this, he was shocked by the fact that both Adapa and Eve didn’t follow his orders, but he wasn’t angry with them, he was angry with Enki and his scientists (including Ninmah). Until that moment, Adapa and Eve couldn’t reproduce on their own, but only with the help of Anunnaki’s technology. But now, Eve was pregnant of Samael because although when Enki created humans, he thought about making slaves, he didn’t immagine that he’d start loving them as his own children. At least for the ones he could still do something for, he wanted to do it. He wanted for both Adapa and Eve to be free and to not depend on Anu’s will and caprices. So, he modified their biology, allowing them to reproduce.

Anu and Enki argued, but at last, Anu agreed, for Enki asked him what was the point of keeping them as caged slaves if he already had all the gold he needed to save Nibiru. Anu warned both the humans regarding the fact that “freedom” also meant that the anunnaki would not help them anymore, and that because of this, they’d have to work to survive and Eve would’ve suffered every time she’d give birth

NOTE: In other words, no more Caesarean section.

The reason Anu listened to Enki was another though. He didn’t care at all about his son’s opinion, but he cared about himself…

The fact that Adapa and Eve could reproduce was metaphorically called the “tree of knowledge”

NOTE: tree because of Ninmah, and because of the translation mistake regarding the apple).

The “tree of life” was the only biological enhancement they didn’t have yet: “immortality”.

What Anu feared, was the potential of humans. He saw how fast the lower classes of our species learned and evolved. If someone from the higher classes would’ve achieved immortality, it would’ve becomed a serious threat to his own kingship and control over them. That’s why he casted them out.

Cain was the son of Semael and Abe the son of Adam. That is why “God” (in this case Anu), appreciated the offerings of Abel and didn’t like the offerings of Cain.

NOTES: The offers of Abel and also of all the ancient greeks were burning animals. This has a scientifical explanation. In the original hebraic Bible, the "elohim" which is the plural form of "eloha", were the anunnaki that lived and ruled Israel. Their leader was Yahweh, also knows as Enki God. In most versions of the Bible, Yahweh requested (Leviticus 3:9,10) <<From the fellowship offering, you are to bring the LORD: its fat, the entire fat tail cut off close to the backbone, the internal organs and all the fat that is connected to them. Both kidneys witht he fat on them near the loins, and the long lobe of the liver, which you will remove with the kidneys.>>
Those very specific fats requested in the Bible, if burned produce smokes that assume the molecular structure similar to endorphines. All of our human astronauts which took "walks in space", once returned smelled a strong smell of burned meat. This is caused by the desquamation of their own skin. Because of this, NASA has asked a british agency to recreate that smell, so that they could use it in the trainings of those who must go on a mission to space. The elohim might've been so used to that smell that they became addicted (In my personal opinion, considering the fact that many humans are addicted to smoke tobacco, it would make sense that an alien race would be addicted to smoke animal's fats). Another strange "coincidence", is the famous "nectar of the gods": wine, for both grapes and wine help astronauts (recent studies proved that the resveratrol protects against the osteoroporosis, the insuline resistance and other problems that can affect the astronauts after a long period of time in space. The resveratrol is contained in both red wine and black grapes' juice). In the Bible it is written that humanity didn't have grapes or wine until God gived Noah the seeds as a prize for following his will and for surviving the great flood. In fact, Noah accidentally got drunk for he didn't know the effects of this new drink (Genesis 9:20,21). Another fact worth mentioning is that the first traces of vine cultivation were found in the region of Caucasus, in Armenia and Turkestan, exactly in the zone where according to the Bible's legend, Noah's arc stopped after the flood. 
NOTE: Another fact worth mentioning is that Enki means literally "Lord of the Earth" (En= Lord - Ki= Earth), while another translation of the name "Enkig" means "Good/Kind Lord" (En= Lord - Kig= Good/Kind)

The idea of a snake is also a sort of metaphor. After that discussion, Enki and his father became detached form each other. Enki created an order called “the order of the snake”/”the brotherhood of the snake” , probably called like this in honor of his dead grandfather. The brooherhood of the snake’s main goal was to help humanity evolve fastly, happily and peacefully. But it didn’t last long. Anu betrayed his own son, just like he did with his father, turning the order of the snake against him. The order of the snake was now at Anu’s services, and Enki had becomed his enemy. Enki contacted his brother and asked him on which side he wanted to be in this war for the enslavement or freedom of humanity. At first, Enlil declined Enki’s proposal, hoping that now that there was nobody except him who could be elected for the next kingship, Anu would confirm that he’d be his successor. But after a while, Enlil too realized that the only person Anu cared about, was himself. Enlil joined Enki in the war. At the time, Enki had four daughters that had met humanity: Ninsar, Ninkurra, Uttu and Ninti. However, it turns out he had more than four children. There’s a fifth child that became one of the most famous beings of human history: Jesus Christ (whose real name in hebraic was יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshu’a) which means “YHWH= it’s salvation” (in the original translation JHWH, later changed because of the english different pronounce of the letter “J”). Translated from יהוה (Yod, he, waw, he), which is the name of “God”. This word in present in the Torah and in all the books of the Bible. Its original Hebraic pronounce is lost, but it must’ve been very closed to “Yahweh”.

Before continuing with the second part, here’s a list of most of my sources.




The tablets of Enki – Were humans created to mine gold for aliens? – Why do aliens mine for gold? –
Secret identity of Israel’s Yahweh revealedGenesis: Adam a slave to Gods – The prince of Earth –
The gods of Eden


Chi erano gli elohim? (Translation: who were the elohim?) – I Prescelti (Translation: the chosen ones) –

Telegramma bibblico (Translation: telegrammaton) –  Gesù (nome) (Translation: Jesus (name))Enki


This also explains the missing link of humanity’s evolutional chain… it cannot be found because it doesn’t exist. Evolutionists find it very strange and impossible to explain that Homo Sapienses exist the way they do, for from the rough Homo Neanderthalensis we went “instantly” to the Homo Sapiens, with much less hair, bigger genitals, more sensitive lips, the capacity to do more facial expressions etc. such a change would’ve required a long period of peace and well being, which we didn’t have on Earth. We were in an Ice Age (not the best time for loosing hair) and we had to hunt and fight to survive.



It may seem like there’s a lot to say about this part of the legend. Afterall, the conflict between good and evil inside and outside human hearts is the most discussed topic in religion and phylosophy, especially in christian religion, where the devil has taken the role of evil itself. Well, I’m going to tell you now (“write now” to be more correct) loud and clear that both Jesus and the Devil do exist, despite whether you believe in them or not, and if you believe in them, they do not exist in the way you’d expect them to. This is not a metaphor, it’s literally them existing. In the original Bible, the devil almost never appeared in its stories. The “snake” that tempted Eve was called Samael, which means “the venom/poison/blindness of God” (NOTE: “Blindness”, for God didn’t see him seducing until it was too late). Samael is an angel name/title. A title, for they’re militar grades just like, for example, Michael means “who is like God” (in the Bible, Michael is the general of the angel army, second in power only to God… is this similarity to the sumerian Enlil being a general second in power only to his father Anu just a coincidence?). Also in the Bible, Michael had a brother called “Lucifer“, which means “the light bringer”, for he carried God’s light: knowledge. And guess how was God called in the original texts? “Elyon“, which is the very same title the sumerian “God” Anu had, meaning “the most high”, obviously in the divine pyramid of power.

NOTE: Another demon associated with the devil was “the prince of demons”: Beelzebub. In ancient times, Enlil was also called “Bel”, which later evolved into “Baal”, meaning “Lord” or “Master”. The name Enlil means “Lord of the Wind”. Beelzebub and Baal, for all the mythologies which worshiped him, such as the Canaanite religion or the Philistines (which called him “Ekron” and named a city after him”) was worshipped as the God of weather and meteorology (also as the God of war by the Canaanites).



Returning to the main “antagonist”, the name Lucifer comes from ancient Canaanites and Greek.

  • CANAANITES: The Canaanites believed in a God called “Attar“. Attar attempted to occupy the throne of Ba’al, but because he wasn’t able to do so, he decided to descend and rule the underworld (underworld was often associated with water. For example in greek mythology’s underworld it was based on the existence of five rivers. Legends regarding Attar are confused, for there are a lot of versions full of differences (even regarding its gender, although it’s mostly considered as a male…. just like in christian religion, God is neither male nor female, yet people immagine him as a male).
  • GREEK: Very little is known about the Greek god Lucifer. In classical mythology, the god Lucifer (meaning in Latin language: “light-bringer”) was also called Phosphorus (meaning in Greek: “light-bringer”) and Eosphoros (meaning in Greek: “dawn-bringer”), was a personification of the morning star (VERY IMPORTANT: remember this “morning star” fact. I’ll discuss about it later in this article), depicted as a man bearing a torch. There is almost no legend about him in any classical mythology (although often mentioned in poetry for bringing the dawn), these little informations are extremely important and key to what might be one of the biggest lies of christian religion. But before we explain it, it’s necessary to take a few “historical jumps” to our Modern Era.

The classical devil is often described as a “fallen angel”, but where does this myth come from? Apparently (if we don’t consider the fact that our anchestors minds found it difficult to understand how the holes in the earth were made and they didn’t know about falling meteorites so they came up with this explanation), it comes from ancient Babylon. More specifically, from the years 634 – 562 BCE . Those are the birth and death dates of Nebuchadnezzar II, whose reign was the longest of any king of the Neo-Babylonian empire (for 43 years, from 605 BCE to his death in 562 BCE).

It is written that in the last years before his death, he became very suspicious of his sons and daughters, acted irrationally and (this latter information is present only in the Hebrew Bible) that he even suffered for seven years of a psychological disorder called boanthropy, which makes a human believe that he is a bovine.

His fall and degrade are mentioned in other Bibles as well, for example in the catholic Bible:

Isaiah 14:12

King of Babylon, morning star, you have fallen from heaven,
even though you were as bright as the rising sun!
In the past all the nations on earth bowed down before you.
But now you have been cut down.

Again, the famous “morning star”. In truth, Jesus himself called himself “morning star” in the book of revelation (22:16) :

I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.

This leads us to the next part…


(NOTE: If you’d like to learn more about Nebuchadnezzar II, click on this link.)



Again, a king of Babylon is the answer, although in a different way. 1125–1104 BCE are the birth and death dates of Nebuchadnezzar I, whose reign as king lasted for 22 years. He’s mostly known for his victory over the ancient Pre-Iranian civilization called “Elam” and for recovering the cultic idol of the sumerian god “Marduk“, which thanks to Nebuchadnezzar I, became the patron deity of Babylon city.

Marduk is the son of Ea and Damkina (babylonian translation of the sumerian “Enki“. A funny thing to point out is how in the english language, our planet is called “Earth”). Marduk’s powers and attributes passed over from Ea, Damkina and Enlil to him, making him associated with water, vegetation, judgement and magic. Marduk was normally referred to as:

  • Bel (meaning: “Lord”),
  • Bel rabim (meaning: “great lord”),
  • Bêl bêlim (meaning: “lord of lords”),
  • Ab-kal ilâni bêl terêti (meaning: “leader of the gods”),
  • Aklu bêl terieti (meaning: “the wise, lord of oracles”),
  • Muballit mîte (meaning: “reviver of the dead”),
  • etc.


Marduk was married to the goddess Sarpanit (whose name means “shining one”). She is associated with the planet Venus. Venus is the famous “morning star”. Planet Venus was associated to the Greek goddess Venus, which just like its greek counterpart Aphrodite, was the personification of all kinds of love. Because of this, she was also associated with lust and sexual pleasure, to the point that the ancient romans called her “Venus”, which in Latin orthography is a noun meaning “sexual love” and “sexual desire”. She is often depicted with red hair, just like in the famous painting “The Birth Of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli.


“The Birth Of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli


Interesting similarity with the story of Jesus. According to a newly discovered gospel bought by the British Museum, Jesus was married to Saint Mary Magdalene, whose the mother of his children and which is described as a beautiful woman with red hair. The Vatican has been for centuries against women, killing millions of them by accusing them of witchcraft and burning them alive just because they had their own personal opinion and wanted freedom from the injustices that they were constantly forced to silently bear, therefore it’d be understandable that hiding such a secret would’ve been in the Vatican’s best interests. And what better way than making people think that the wife of Jesus was a prostitute and that she lived against the commandments of God? Surprisingly, the British Museum had this gospel in their archives for more than 20 years, but only after the movie “The Da Vinci Code” had revealed this secret, the British Museum decided to make this news public. Some people assume that this is just a “Christmas marketing lie”, but if that’s so, than why did Pope Francis himself elevate Saint Mary Magdalene’s day to a feast day after that?



Saint Mary Magdalene’s Day Elevated To Feast Day (first source) – Saint Mary Magdalene’s Day Elevated To Feast Day (second sources)The Lost Gospel (The Telegraph)The Lost Gospel (Daily Mail)



Not to mention that according to the Bible, after Jesus returned to life, Saint Mary Magdalene was the first who came to know this.

Mark 16:9: Now after He had risen early on the first day of the week, He first appeared to Mary Magdalene, from whom He had cast out seven demons.

John 20:18: Mary Magdalene came, announcing to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord,” and that He had said these things to her.

Again, someone might argue that in the gospels and or the Bible there isn’t any statement of Jesus having a wife. But according to the ancient texts, Jesus sent all of his disciples to transmit his message, not only one:

Matthew 10:16: I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

In this case, what about the gospels of all the other disciples? Jesus respected a lot the ancient writings since a very young age, for he knew that it was the only way to transmit informations through centuries.

Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover. 42 When he was twelve years old, they went up to the festival, according to the custom. 43 After the festival was over, while his parents were returning home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but they were unaware of it. 44 Thinking he was in their company, they traveled on for a day. Then they began looking for him among their relatives and friends. 45 When they did not find him, they went back to Jerusalem to look for him. 46 After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. 47 Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. 48 When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.”

49 “Why were you searching for me?” he asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”
50 But they did not understand what he was saying to them

51 Then he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. 52 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Last but not least, the christian religion is a solar cult. This means that it mostly focuses on the male part of divinity, depicting it often with the simble of the sun. However, recently a mosaic has been found. This mosaic may be the proof that if God and his son Jesus are the sun, Saint Magdalene is the moon (source: link)

Mosaic in the 6th century Monastery of Lady Mary in Beit She’an, Israel . It can be interpreted in different ways, for example as a sun god and a moon goddess surrounded by the twelve signs of the zodiac, or… considering the monastic context, it’s more probable that this mosaic depicts Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Twelve Apostles.



Jesus’ exact date of birth is not actually known. Orthodox religion says it’s the 7th of January (just like the Catholic religion once did) while the Vatican says it’s the 25th of December. They chose the 25th because once they invaded what they called “pagan countries”, they didn’t want for people’s conversion to the catholic religion to be too traumatic, so they decided that the old, pagan feast day celebrating the “birth of the sun” around the winter solstice was a perfect day, because everyone was already having a good time (source: BBC News)

However, that isn’t the only thing the christian religion has in common with other religions. Here’s a list of some of the most famous “gods” that were born from a virgin the 25th of December

  • Buddha: 300 BCE – Born of Virgin Maya on December 25th. Healed the sick. Fed 500 people with a small basket of bread. Walked on water. Resurrected from his tomb to ascend “heaven”.
  • Horus: 3000 BCE – Born of a virgin on December 25th. Star in the east. Adorned by 3 kings. Teacher at 12. Baptized/Ministry at 30. Had 12 disciples
  • Attis: 1200 BCE – Born of a virgin on December 25th. Crucified. Dead for 3 days and then resurrected.
  • Mithra: 1200 BCE – Born of a virgin on December 25th. Had 12 disciples. Performed miracles. Dead for 3 days and then resurrected.
  • Krishna: 900 BCE – Born of a virgin. Star in the east. Performed miracles. Resurrected.
  • Dionysus: 500 BCE – Born of a virgin on December 25th. Called “Kings of Kings”/”Alpha and Omega”/”God of Wine). Resurrected.

SOURCES (click on the photos to see them in their full size) :



Miracolous Birth



Just another interesting “coincidence”?

Although officially it hasn’t yet been confirmed that some of us have alien DNA inside our blood, recent studies might confirm this. According to these studies, there are three main scientifical proofs confirming this.



Apparently, one of the proofs is a rare kind of blood type. The four common blood types are A, B, AB and O. The difference between each of these blood types is in the proteins in the blood. However, an uncommon blood type called RH negative, owned by the 15 percent of the human population, doesn’t have these proteins. Studies regarding the “alien origin” of this type of blood have discovered that humans with the RH negative blood type don’t have the key evolutionary gene all the other humans have, the “rhesus monkeys”, proof that we descend from monkey. But if we all came from monkeys, why don’t we all share the rhesus monkey gene?

What scientists are trying to understand now, is where does this group of RH negative blood type people originate from. They believe that this blood type is linked to specific tribes and groups existing 35,000 years ago.

  1. Europeans have the greatest incidence of this blood type.
  2. Except europeans, only 3% of African-Americans have it
  3. and the smallest percentage is Asian, with only 1% of the population sharing this gene.


Some common characteristic of those who have this blood type are:

  1. Higher IQ
  2. Lower body temperature
  3. Being sensitive to heat
  4. More physical and emotional awareness
  5. Red hair
  6. Blue, green or hazel eyes.


Except that, there’s also another intersting fact. RH negative women who become pregnant have a lot of difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, for their bodies naturally attack and try to kill the fetus. Because of this, they’re given a special sterilization solution.

But for what reason would the body of a woman attack the child it was giving life to?

That is the reason new theories about the RH Negative blood type’s possible alien origins are born. Last but not least, another surprising factor is that almost every person who has reported being abducted by (or having interacted with) aliens has this blood type.




For many years only the 3% of our DNA was understood. Then came “The Human Genome Project” (completed in 2003, after 13 years). This project, as the name suggests, was set up in order to discover more about our genes.

The Oxford University has found out that less than 10% of the human DNA is doing something important,
Only the 8.2% of the human genome is actually of vital importance for our existence as the beings we are.
The rest is called “non-coding sequences” or “junk DNA” which is a huge variety of genes left from our evolutionary past, and no longer needed, for the majority is doing nothing at all.

Scientists are still unsure about why so much of our DNA is “useless” but they claim we could “snip away” most of our genetic informations and we’d still survive, although previous studies had suggested that around 80% of our genome had a biochemical function.

However, the researchers, scientists, computer programmers, chemists and mathematicians who worked on “The Human Genome Project” have discovered that 97% of the “non-coding sequences” (also known as “Junk DNA”) cannot be explained by our standard view of the human evolution.

A pair of scientists from Kazakhstan (Maxim A. Makukov from the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute and Vladimir I. Shcherbak from the al-Farabi Kazakh National University) believes that our specie was designed by a higher power. More specifically by an alien civilization that either wanted to save a message in our DNA or simply desired to plant life on other planets. Both the scientists have worked for 13 years on “The Human Genome Project” and their final conclusion was that humans were designed by a “higher power” with a “set of arithmetic patterns and ideographic symbolic language” which was encoded into our DNA.

Writing in the journal Icarus, they stated that a message could have been planted by aliens so that they could revisit it at a later date, although a reason for doing so has not been established yet.

Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known.

They also believe that 97% of non-coding sequences in the human DNA are genetic codes from alien life forms.
According to their research:

Our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilisation was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them.

What we see in our DNA is a programme consisting of two versions, a giant structured code and a simple or basic code.

Again, according to their research, the sudden boom in evolution that happened on Earth several billions of years ago is a sign of something happening on a higher level that we aren’t aware of, and that the mathematical codes in DNA can’t explain evolution.

Mr Makulov said:

Sooner or later… we have to accept the fact that all life on Earth carries the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins and that evolution is not what we think it is.


Other renowned scientists working on separate studies hypothesize that human DNA code/program was not written on Earth. They hypothesize that an “intelligent signal” embedded in our genetic code was “invented outside the solar system already several billions years ago”. According to this logic, we are basically computer programmed humanoids. But how can this be possible? How many “alien genes” do we have exactly? what are the consequences of these discoveries?

From a natural point of view, although it isn’t enough to explain the evolutional boost our race went through, there’s another explanation: gene-swapping. Basically, gene-swapping means that unlike it the classic way we see genes, immagining that the only way for a gene to keep existing is to get passed down from generation to generation, sometimes they can jump around instead, moving from one specie to another, no matter which.

(It's a very long topic to discuss. If you'd like to learn more about it, click on this link)

SOURCES: – – – – – –



In 2013 the team from University College London published in the Leadership Quarterly journal informations regarding a research which examined the genotype rs4950 , claiming for it to be the first study to identify a DNA sequence linked to leadership qualities. For this research, the team analized two large US health studies:

  • the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
  • and the Framingham Heart Study

More specifically, after analysing the large-scale DNA samples of 4,000 people, they came to the realization that those with this gene were up to 25% more likely to have roles of leadership at work.
The lead scientist, Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve has discussed about it in the journal.

His words were:

We have identified a genotype, called rs4950, which appears to be associated with the passing of leadership ability down through generations,

The conventional wisdom – that leadership is a skill – remains largely true, but we show it is also, in part, a genetic trait.

Although leadership should still be thought of predominantly as a skill to be developed, genetics – in particular the rs4950 genotype – can also play a significant role in predicting who is more likely to occupy leadership roles.

Because of this, he also warned us that maybe one day companies will run genetic tests on job applicants to see their leadership potential and therefore use such information to decided whether or not to assign them to specific positions or not. Regarding this part of the topic, he said:

Our work also draws attention to the ethical issues surrounding the use of genetic tests for leadership selection and assessment, and that we should seriously consider expanding current protections against genetic discrimination in the labour market.

However, truth speaking, in my personal opinion, the only reason they haven’t thought about doing this is because, as Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve pointed out, half of the human population owns this gene, and that therefore life experience and environment still play major roles.

Our main suggestion for practice is that this research may help in the identification of specific environmental factors that can help in the development of leadership skills.

If we really want to understand leadership and its effect on organizational, institutional, economic and political outcomes, we must study both nature and nurture,

Although this “leadership gene” doesn’t seem to have alien origins, it is directly linked to the next proof. But first, these are my sources.





I’ve listed many facts that combined together, in my opinion are more than enough to be considered the proof of this legend’s veridicity, however, I understand that some of you might still doubt of its existence in our so called “real world”. Afterall, these facts could simply be considered a huge ammount of surprising coincidences and this legend nothing more than a “fairy tale”. My answer to all of your possible doubts is:

indeed, basing our opinion on these facts might lead us to consider it nothing more than a good work of fiction, but then again, the most important of proofs is invisible, although it’s standing right in front of our noses…



The almighty cash is what has always been society’s true god, but why is it? In the past, before money was invented, people used food, spices, water and anything else necessary for our survival as “chaffer coins”. However, bargains were more complicated. The easiest way was to exchange products at the same time, but if someone wanted to exchange oranges with wheat, it was problematic for they didn’t mature in the same season.
With time, mankind came up with a brilliant (literally) solution. A third “bridge-value” to be used as a form of credit. In the western world, this “bridge-value” got soon evolved in defined productions of some specific metals, the most famous of which, is nothing less than GOLD.

Yes, but it had to be something afterall! And gold wasn’t used in all countries. This is just a coincidence!

You might say, and you’d be right in saying this. That alone is certainly not a enough to be considered a proof, but what its existence has lead to can.



Unfortunately, unlike gold, something which was present in all cultures was racism. A kind of racism which always praised those with the whitest skin, and tortured in many different ways those with a darker skin. And it’s not even because of how cultures and civilizations met through wars, for even in the Easter Island it was present. There’s even a movie about it, called “Rapa Nui” (Rapa Nui is the island’s original name, before it got conquered by the spanish).

In that island, completely isolated by the rest of the world, there were two classes of people: “Long Ears” and “Short Ears”. The Long Ears were marked by large wooden plugs in their earlobes and a certain tattoo. They had a whiter skin and were the ruling class. On the other hand, there was the working class (more specifically, they were slaves) “Short Ears”, which had no ear plugs, a different tattoo and a darker skin.

A peculiarity of this civilty was the veneration of the “birdman”, which was an annual contest among the warriors of the Long Ears tribes. Who winned, was to become the ruler of the island for an year, until the next competition. The movie (partially based on the true story of the civilization’s fall, although further studies are necessary), starts with one of those warriors (whose name was Ariki-mau) and a prohibited love story between a “Long Ear” man and a “Short Eart” woman. Ariki-mau had been king for 20 years and was convinced that the gods would arrive in a great, white canoe to take him to heaven. His advisor suggested him to build bigger Moai statues to please them and make them come earlier. Ariki-mau wasn’t satisfied with the latest staute, 20 feet tall, forcing the slaves to build a bigger one in an impossible ammount of time. I won’t spoil you the movie, but these facts are very important, especially if linked to the following similarities.


1 . Elohim, Anunnaki, Neteru etc.

Religions and mythologies are very clear about where the “aliens/gods” came from.

  • ANU: It is said he came from “Aldebaran” (the alpha star of the Bull constellation”)
  • NEPHILIM: They’re the giants of the Bible, coming from the Uranium constellation, called “nefilà” in Aramaic.
  • ALLAH: According to the Qur’an, he came from Sirius “it is he who is the Lord of Sirius” (Qur’an, 53: 49), just like the babylonian “Oannes” or the “Nommo” of the african tribe called the Dogon of Mali.

Other aliens (mentioned in the Bible) were:

  • YAHWEH (Lord of Israel)
  • ASTARTE  (Lady of Sidon)
  • CAMOS (Lord of the Moabithians)
  • MILCOM (Lord of the Ammon people)

Yahweh himself was jealous of his people, and told them “You shall not follow other elohim, elohim of the people that’ll be around you, for Yahweh, your elohim which is among you, is a jealous elohim” (Deuteronomy 6:14-15)

Also in the Bible, it is described how the land had been divided and given to different elohim, basing the choices on the number of their sons (Deuteronomy 32:8) :

When the Most High gave nations their land, when he divided the descendants of Adam, he set up borders for the tribes corresponding to the number of the sons of Israel.

  • The aliens of Israel where called Elohim.
  • The aliens of Egypt were called Neteru.
  • The aliens of ancient sumerian were called Annunaki.

And again in the Bible, there are also informations reegarding “false gods” (Deuteronomy 32:17):

They sacrificed to false gods, which are not God– gods they had not known, gods that recently appeared, gods your ancestors did not fear.

But what does this have to do with gold or racism?



It’s no secret than mankind has always tried to be like god and/or to be god. But why?
These aliens were very similar to us physically. What made them “gods” in front of our eyes was their power.

In the Bible, in the Hebraic Bible and in the sumerian tablets there are quite a lot of informations.

  • They had a very, very white skin. The messegers of the sumerian Anunnaki were called GAL.GA (GAL= “living being, creature” – GA = “milk” – for they had a skin white as milk). In accadian sumerian they were called MIL.KU (funny similarity to the english language’s word “milk”). In the Bible they were called Malakh.
  • They have almost no body hair. From a functional point of view, our lack of body hair compared to monkeys isn’t very functional. Our skin is “naked”, exposed to the world. The only animals who don’t have body hair are usually the ones living underground, underwater or the ones wearing an armor, like an armadillo for example. And it would be even weirder to think that we lost it during the last Ice Age. In the sumerian tablets it is written that NIN.TA and ENKI created the LU.LU (“the mixed”), the first man, a new creature with “a skin similar to the skin of a god”. In the Bible, Yahweh has always requested that when he walked among men, he must have a team of servants completely dedicated to him (Numbers 8:23-25), between the age of 25 and 50 years old, handsome and in good health, completely washed, depilated and anointed. (Numbers 8:7). The very same procedure was requested also by the egyptian neteru. This could mean that their race lived underground, for maybe their planet didn’t have a sun warming it, and so they could’ve used the warmth of the nucleus instead. Such thing would explain also the legends of underground worlds such as Agarthi or Argavartha, land of the hindu “Veda”.
  • They had a bigger skull. Some pre-sumerian statues explained how people did a ritual of deformation to make their skull “longer” in order to look more like the gods. In other mythologies as well, gods had a longer skull. Such form might have pulled their faces’s skin, making its fisionomy similar to snakes, which are the only animal specie which got associated with deities (in one way or another) in every part of the world.
  • They were mortals like us, although they lived longer (Psalm 82)
  • They were still different in some ways, but they were capable of having hybrid children from humans, both in the natural way (sex) and in the unnatural way (artificial insemination) :
    Genesis 3:8, Genesis 6, Genesis 18, Judges 13, 1 Samuel 1:1-20, Luke 1:26
    Not to mention the story of Semael and Eve “the snake tricked me and I did eat”. The hebraic roots of eating also means “making love” while seducing has the meanings “tricking” and “fertilize” (ishiani), so it’s easy to see how a translation “mistake” was made in the past.

But despite these informations, they were not the “false gods”, we were! In the Bible Yahweh continued with his experiments, finding a way to add more of their alien DNA to humans, making them smarter and more prone to command. Those who received this treatment became the rulers of nations and men, starting the first monarchies (Deuteronomy 15:6 God’s promise to Abraham). One of the most famous of these new rulers was King David (2 Samuel 7).

According to the sumerians, the elohim used to marry their half-sisters/half-brother to keep their blood clean. However, they made mankind to be sexually attractive, and scientists can easily agree on the fact that compared to other animals, for examples monkey, human bodies seems to have been projected to create sexual excitement and unions.

  • Longer size of the penis,
  • Big sizes for the female breasts,
  • Ear lobes (which are a very sensitive zone),
  • Sensitive lips,
  • Vaginal angolations that incourage a very intimate kind of copulation,
  • A lot of sweat glands,
  • A facial mobility unique in the whole animal world.

All of these qualities are very, very unlikely to develop thanks to the normal darwinian process without a long period of tranquillity that could’ve allow our anchestors to have long sexual intercourses. These conditions were not present at the time we started evolving toward this “path”. Mankind still lived in wild conditions that did not allow long lasting sex. In the animal world we can till see how intercourses are as quick as possible, to avoid being attacked by predators.



Except this sort of rule about half-brothers/sisters, many of them saw sex with a very, very open mind:

Obviously men should not reproduce with half-sister/brothers because it slowly ruins the DNA of the future generations, but ancient people didn’t know this. Royal families always married people linked to their own blood (although before them it was already a common practice of middle-class people as well: Genesis 11:29 explained, Genesis 24:3, Genesis 28:1). It’s unknown if they were tricked by the anunnaki to do this, or if they chose to do this just because they wanted to be more similar to the “gods”. Either way, if they did have this “godly boost” to their DNA, they could’ve becomed smarter and more powerful than the gods themselves. Our race is very adaptable and it takes its strenghts from diversity. Resent researches prooved that parents with different enthnicity give birth to smarter children (  – Now, immagine what we could become with both diversity and “godly boost” to our DNA, especially if the urban legend of us reaching our modern era by using less than 10% of our brain (Wikipedia Link). No strategist would want for his puppets to become stronger and smarter than him and his soldiers, now would it?

Because of all these reasons, it may seem quite obvious that royalty of every part of the world was obsessed with having a white skin and preserve it in the future generations. Some may say that for example, the egyptian pharaons were dark skinned, but recent discoveries prooved the contrary. Pharaons were caucasian with a white skin, and caucasian civilties are some of the oldest of our history, including Georgia and Armenia. It is no wonder then, although it is hard to believe that it could be a mere coincidence (again), the fact that those pharaons where literally considered living gods. More specifically, an “incarnation” of the son of the God of the Sun called “RA” (the son’s name is Horus), which in their mythology is the king of the gods. Another coincidence is that the king is reletated to the sun and the sky, isn’t it?

The most famous of these pharaons is Tutankhamun. In a BBC’s documentary called “Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered“, there’s the revelation of how and why he truly died. There’ve been various hyphothesis regarding the cause of his death, including him being murdered. However, as it so often happens, truth is what we’d never expect. Albert Zink from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman in Italy deciphered the truth by studying the royal family’s DNA. His discover was that Tutankhamun waas born from an incest. His father Akhenaten, dubbed the heretic king, had a relationship with his own sister. Egyptians didn’t have anything against incest and they didn’t know about the consequences on the future generations’ health. Hutan Ashrafian a lecturer in surgery at the Imperial College London confirmed that many members of the pharaon’s family suffered from ailments which can be explained by hormonal imbalances. His words on the topic are:

A lot of his family predecessors lived to a ripe old age. Only his immediate line were dying early, and they were dying earlier each generation.

and last but not least, the Egyptian radiologist Ashraf Selim said

The virtual autopsy shows the toes are divergent – in layman’s terms it’s club foot. He would have been heavily limping.

and he has also added:

 There is only one site where we can say a fracture happened before he died and that is the knee.’

At the time of Tutankhamun’s death in 1323 BC, his father was said to be leading a religious revolution in the country. It is believed that Akhenaten wanted to destroy the belief in the Egyptian gods and start the cult of a sun disc called the Aten instead. His son was trying to stop this revolution during the time he was believed to have broken his leg and to later have died from an infection in the wound.

  • In 2010, DNA analysis found traces of malaria in his system.
  • An evidence of King Tut’s physical problems are also the 130 used walking canes found in his tomb.
Another remarkable fact was that during his mummification a set of sinister decisions was made.
His erect penis got embalmed, his body got covered in a black liquid and his heart got removed from it. This was done as an attempt to stop the revolution as well, for the black liquid was similar to the skin color of Osiris, the God of Death and according to Professor Salima Ikram from the university, these rituals were done in order to make people believe that Tutankhamun was the underworld's king.

However, the king’s father being the head of a revolution trying to introduce a solar cult is very realistical. Many religion, including ancient Egyptian mythology itself were based on solar cults. The pharaon himself was considered to be an incarnation of the son of the sun’s god “Ra”. Speaking of solar deities, people believed that Ra had created the earth, the waters, the animals and everything that exists. Ra, the king of the gods and of all kingdoms, including the underworld, was mostly depicted as a man with the head of a , but when he traveled to the underworld, he was depicted with the face of an aries with horns. Similar coincidence to the idea of “devil” in christian religions, isn’t it?


A ‘virtual autopsy’, composed of more than 2,000 computer scans has “reconstructed” what the pharaon looked like:









In most mythologies, if not in all of them, powers to control the elements of nature were in the hands of those who owner particular “weapons”, some of the most famous are:

  • Zeus’ bolt capable of controlling lightnings (GREEK MYTHOLOGY)
  • Poseidon’s trident capable of controlling the waters (GREEK MYTHOLOGY)
  • Thor’s hammer capable of controlling lightings and the winds (NORDIC MYTHOLOGY)
  • Moses staff capable of controlling the waters (CHRISTIAN AND HEBRAC RELIGION)
  • The egyptian gods did have struments (such as staffs, scepters, agricoltural tools etc.) and weapons, but their power wasn’t as evident as in the other mythologies. Instead, their DNA was a proof of their power, for they were depicted as half-human half-animal beings. What beings they were depicted as, depended on the stories and roles they were starring in. Something that from what I know nobody has considered yet, is the following hypothesis… since their heads changed depending on the story, isn’t there the possibility that those were nothing more but masks weared by the aliens? In every religion and/or mythology, in one way or another, the deities where always associated with animals, therefore it wouldn’t be weird if they weared these masks or “crowns” as a proof of their power and titles.

(The list of mythological objects is very long and can be seen on Wikipedia)




This idea of a country’s supreme ruler being considered a “sun god” isn’t exclusive to Ancient Egypt. In fact, it was present also in the Ancient Inca Empire. Inca’s legends/origin story is about three caves, four brothers and four sisters.



  • The center cave in Tampu T’uqu (spelled: “Tambo Tocco”) was called “Qhapaq T’uqu” (meaning “principal niche”, spelled also “Capac Tocco”).
  • The caves at its sides were called Maras T’uqu (spelled: “Maras Tocco”) and Sutiq T’uqu (spelled: “Sutic Tocco”).



  • Ayar Manco,
  • Ayar Cachi,
  • Ayar Awqa (spelled: “Ayar Auca”),
  • Ayar Uchu,



  • Mama Ocllo,
  • Mama Raua,
  • Mama Huaco,
  • Mama Qura (spelled: “Mama Cora”)


The four brothers and sisters came out of the middle cave, while the ancestors of all the Inca clans came out of the side caves.

Ayar Manco carried a magical staff made of the finest gold. Wherever his staff landed, the people would live.
The family traveled for a long time, during which, Ayar Cachi boasted about how strong and powerful he was to the point his siblings got so tired of him they tricked him into returning to the cave to get a sacred llama. Once he entered, they trapped him inside.

Ayar Uchu decided to stay on the top of the cave to look over the Inca people. The minute he said that, he turned into stone. They built a shrine around that stone and it became a sacred object.

Ayar Auca grew tired of his family and decided to travel alone.

Only Ayar Manco and his four sisters were left.

Finally, they reached the capital of the Inca Empire: Cusco. The staff sank into the ground.
However, before their arrival, Mama Ocllo had already borne Ayar Manco’s son: Sinchi Roca. The people who were already living in Cusco fought very hard to keep their land, but Mama Huaca was a great fighter, attacking thh enemies by throwing her bolas (stones tied together, spinning in the air when thrown) at a soldier (gualla) and killing him instantly. At that sight, the other people became afraid to the point they decided to run away.

After that incredibly short war, Ayar Manco became known as Manco Cápac, the founder of the Inca Empire. It is said that he and his sisters built with their own hands the first Inca homes in the valley. When the time came, Manco Cápac turned to stone like his brothers did before him and his son Sinchi Roca became the second emperor of the Inca.





A portrait of Manco Capac dated between 1750 – 1800 CE


As for what regards the pyramids, in each religion or mythologies they have different roles, the most common of which is being a temple. However, one of history’s greatest misteries is how can it be possible that so many civilizations that hadn’t yet met each other have such similar architectonical ideas, for the list of countries and ancient empires owning pyramids is larger than most people probably know:


  • MESOPOTAMIA (Sumerians, Babylonians, Elamites, Akkadians, Assyrians)
  • PERU





There are many complotionist theories claiming that the Order of the Snake did exist and has never died. That its leaders are either more united than ever or on the opposite, they’ve argued and divided the order in many cults, changing its name into:

  • the School of Magic and Mysteries (Ancient Egypt),
  • the Knight Templars,
  • the Knights of Malta,
  • Freemasonry,
  • the Illuminati
  • and countless other orders.

Either way, in all the theories it is said that this Brotherhood has created most religions and mythologies humanity has seen over the past 6000 years, causing most of the wars as well. All this, to distract mankind from their true plans. Many religions are based on a sense of guilt and slave-like submission, which is the exact opposite of what religion should be, ethically and phylosophically speaking of course.

These theories are obviously still theories because of an enormous lack of any sort of proofs.



Where are the beings we believe in when we need them?

That’s another question that probably all humans who have faith in something have asked themselves at least once in their lives. It is supposed that Enki’s punishment for creating the Brotherhood of the Snake was to stay forever with the humans he tried so long to give knowledge to. To die in our planet and to reincarnate countless times in fragile human bodies until the end of humanity (one of Enki’s teachings to humans regarded the underworld, that is probably why mythologies and religions’ ideas of underworld are so similar one to the other). More about this topic can be found on this SOURCE LINK:

While for what regards Enlil and the future of humanity, according to Zecharia Sitchin, whose books can be bought by clicking on the ads below,


(ITALIAN) – (ENGLISH) The Words of Enki


it’s almost all explained in the fourteenth tablet of Enki, which Zecharia himself has translated:



Babili, where Marduk supremacy declared, by the Evil Wind was spared;

All the lands south of Babili the Evil Wind devoured, the heart of the Second Region it also touched.

When in the aftermath of the Great Calamity Enlil and Enki to surrey the havoc met,

Enki to Enlil the sparing of Babili as a divine omen considered.

That Marduk to supremacy has been destined, by the sparing of Babili is confirmed! So did Enki to Enlil say.

The will of the Creator of All it must have been! Enlil to Enki said.

Then to him the dream-vision and prophecy of Galzu Enlil revealed.

If that by you was known, why did you the use of the Weapons of Terror not prevent? Enki him asked.

My brother! Enlil to Enki with a sorrowed voice said. Enough seen was the reason.

Whenever after your coming to Earth the mission by an obstacle obstructed was,

A way the obstruction to circumvent we have found;

Of that, the fashioning of the Earthlings, the greatest solution,

Also the fountain of a myriad unwanted twists and turns was.

When you have the celestial cycles fathomed and the constellations assigned,

Who in them the hands of Destiny could foresee,

Who could between our chosen fates and our unbending destiny distinguish?

Who false omens proclaimed, who true prophecies could pronounce?

Therefore to keep to myself the words of Galzu I decided

Was he truly the Creator of All’s emissary, was he my hallucination?

Let whatever has to happen, happen! so to myself I said.

To his brother’s words Enki listened, his head up and down he nodded.

The First Region is desolate, the Second Region is in confusion, the Third Region is wounded,

The Place of the Celestial Chariots is no more; that is what has happened! Enki to Enlil said.

If that was the will of the Creator of All, that is what of our Mission to Earth remained!

By the ambitions of Marduk was the seed sown, what the crop resulted is for him to reap!

So did Enlil to his brother Enki say, then he the triumph of Marduk accepted.

Let the rank of fifty, by me for Ninurta intended, to Marduk instead be given,

Let Marduk over the desolation in the Regions his supremacy declare!

As for me and Ninurta, we will in his way no longer stand.

To the Lands Beyond the Oceans we will depart, what we had all had come for,

The mission to obtain for Nibiru gold we will complete!

So did Enlil to Enki say; dejection was in his words.

Would different matters have been were the Weapons of Terror unused? Enki his brother challenged.

Should we have the words of Galzu to Nibiru not return heeded? Enlil retorted.

Should Earth Mission been stopped when the Anunnaki mutinied?

I what I did did, you what you did did. The past undone cannot become!

Is not in that too a lesson? Enki asked them both.

Is not what on Earth happened, what on Nibiru had taken place mirrored?

Is not in that tale of the Past the outline of the Future written-

Will Mankind, in our image created, our attainments and failures repeat?

Enlil was silent. As he stood up to leave, Enki to him his arm extended. Let us lock arms as brothers, as comrades who together challenges on an alien planet confronted!

So did Enki to his brother say.

And Enlil, grasping his brother’s arm, hugged him as well.

Shall we meet again, on Earth or on Nibiru? Enki asked.

Was Galzu right that we die if we to Nibiru go? Enlil responded. Then he turned and departed.

Alone was Enki left; only by the thoughts of his heart was he accompanied.

How it all began and how it thus far ended, he sat and pondered.

Was it all destined, or was it fate by this and that decision fashioned?

If Heaven and Earth by cycles within cycles regulated,

What had happened will again occur? Is the Past-the Future?

Will the Earthlings the Anunnaki emulate, will Earth relive Nibiru?

Will he, the first to arrive, the last to leave be?

Beseiged by thoughts, Enki a decision made:

All the events and decisions, starting with Nibiru to this day on Earth,

To put in a record, a guide to future generations to become;

Let posterity, at a time by destiny designated,

The record read, the Past remember, the Future as prophecy understand,

Let the Future of the Past the judge be!

These are the words of Enki, Firstborn of Anu of Nibiru.

Fourteenth tablet: The Words of the lord Enki.

Written from the mouth of the great lord Enki,

not one word missed, not one word added,

by the master scribe Endubsar, a man of Eridu, son of Udbar.

By the lord Enki with long life I have been blessed.



Reincarnation exists. It’s a fact that has been “proven” scientifically but that everyone keeps ignoring. In simple terms, there are only two things in the universe. Matter and Anti-matter. Matter is the material everything (except black holes) is made of, including the universe itself. The universe is a camp of matter. Let’s put it this way… there is a sphere, inside it there are other spheres and inside the other spheres there are even more other spheres and so on. Each of these spheres is something. It could be a table, it could be the screen you’re reading this article in, it could be each component inside your phone/pc/tablet that makes your device work. Everything is matter. Now, we perceive matter as we see the universe around us, but without any living form to perceive it, matter is just spheres inside spheres with no direct form. Quantum physicians are slowly prooving that what gives a form to the very universe we’re living in its our mind. The natural law of matter is that it cannot be created or destroyed. Although, technically speaking, it can disappear if smashed against anti-matter (the material black holes are made of), it cannot be destroyed. Therefore everything there’s in the universe doesn’t trully disappear, it simply changes form. This law applies on our body as well. Our body’s substances change form, even while we’re alive. The human body constantly discards old cells and generates new ones. That is why we grow and age, both physically and mentally. The body takes from other camps of matter (food and water) the minerals, vitamins etc. it needs to survive, and when we die, our body doesn’t simply disappear. It changes form, it becomes a part of other camps of matter, and then others, and then others. Those camps of matter become food, plants, animals and why not, other humans as well with time. Therefore, scientifically speaking, reaincarnation is not an opinion, it’s a fact. In this case, I don’t have any sources, this is my personal “theory” based on the laws of the universe that have been discovered so far by other scientists.



All of the informations in this article, especially the “last words” of Enki bring us back to the Maya’s vision of time repeating itself in what we’d commonly call “the Circle of Life”, although obviously according to their point of view this circle is even deeper than how most of us have perceived it so far. As written above, history is repeating itself. Just like the Anunnaki, humans are running out of the resources our planet could provide. Just like the Anunnaki we discovered that a metal can indeed save our planet. Just like the Anunnaki, or race has made many mistakes. Just like the Anunnaki, we’re trying to create life (cloning, artificial intelligences aka robots etc.). All of this because we share their powerful DNA. A DNA that has been holded back by incests and forced marriages to people of our ethnicity. Now, after all the wars and colonizations our race has done, we’re going through a golden age of technology, science and knowledge where although divided by this very same technology, we’re also more united than ever. This union and the marriages that came as a result of it are making our DNA evolve at an incredible rate. Our minds true potential can be finally unlocked, although truth be told, just like it was in our race’s past, our specie was always capable of doing so and if you’d like to know from where or from whom you can take this power and this knowledge, all you have to do is look in a mirror.

Some people believe that at first, only a restricted group of humans will have this “evolutional boost”, causing them to be part of a race more evolved than homo sapiens sapiens (again, more intelligence, empathy and in this case, also some kinds of uncommon powers), slowly and peacefully corrupting the homo sapiens, reproducing with them until every human on the planet will be part of this new, peaceful race (kind of reminds me of the X-Men plot). From here, comes the “indigo children” theory, which could be already around us, being smarter than the average human and having incredible skills in something (although also according to this theory, most of them wouldn’t be understood by society, causing them to feel frustrated and sometimes, to never discover their talents). Scientifically speaking it would be possible, but that would mean they have always existed and that they’d most likely will never replace the Homo Sapiens. Genius minds have always existed and there has always been someone who didn’t understand them. The next step toward evolution is not a new race, but it’s to learn more about the one we are. Most humans don’t use more than the 4% of their brain’s capacity. The greatest geniuses use around the 10%. Immagine what we could achieve if we found a way to use a higher percentage. Besides, a lot of parents tried to use the “indigo myth” as an excuse to justify their children’s behavior or psychological problems (NOT PSYCHIATRIC. By psychological I mean the normal psychological problems caused by the enviroment they live in, not by their brains). And last but not least, if this race actually existed, in America they would suffer a lot, for when someone is considered “too creative” as a child they could get drugged by their parents and by the doctors to be more “normal” (THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING, HERE’S A SOURCE: LINK)



I hope you’ve found this article to be entertaining. Ultimately, as I said in the beginning of this article, I don’t want to make you believe in anything. This article is just a collection of informations. There are some coincidences, maybe you’re still thinking they’re nothing more than that, and probably you’d be right, but just for the sake of doubt, I’d like to leave you wondering on one final question…





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