Skilé, Porto Badisco: “The Best Pizza I’ve Ever Eaten In Italy” – Restaurant Review


Recently I’ve been in a small town by the sea called “Porto Badisco” (translated: Port Badisco).
The city is known for:

  • It’s beautiful and extremely clean sea (which is part of a regional park)
  • For the rich wellsprings located everywhere under its ground (in the summer you can even see water coming out of beach’s sand and flowing down to the sea).
  • And last but not least, for a cave called “Grotta dei Cervi” (translated: Deer’s Cave), which contains important cave art from the Neolitic Era, also known as New Stone Age (10,200 BCE – 2000 BCE).

In a nice corner at the bottom of a downhill, there’s a beach that thanks to natural “rock walls” present on its sides is isolated from Northen and Southern winds, resulting in very calm waters that mixed to the ones coming from the wellsprings end up being always ice-cold. On the other hand, at the top of the uphill, there’s a small restaurant called Skilé, and that’s the subject I’m going to discuss in this review. So, let’s begin…


The interior of the restaurant’s is decorated with a simple yet relaxing South Tropical style.
More specifically, it has:

  • simple wooden chairs,
  • wooden tables,
  • a ceiling rivested with “falling waves” made of little bamboo stripes,
  • a bar counter at the left with some colorful lights above it.

There are a lot of glassless windows crossed horizontally and vertically by little bars on one of the restaurant’s walls, facing some of the tables. Because of this, the place is always refreshed by sea breeze.

To some it may seem like an useless detail, but it is not. It was a hot day and I was very tired, but when I leaved the Skilé, I leaved refreshed with my batteries fully charged up.

However, the most remarkable detail is at the right side of the restaurant. While the kitchen where different kinds of dishes are prepared is isolated and hidden from the customers, the pizza chef’s kitchen does the exact opposite. It’s in plain sight, allowing people to see how their order is being prepared and putten in the scorching wood oven. But as probably all of us know, that’s not enough informations to judge a restaurant’s athmosphere, for what truly sustains its success or failure is the behavior of the staff, which leads us to the next step of this review. But first, here are some photos I took of the interior design:


The main entrance.


The restaurant’s interior.

Not even the most beautiful restaurant of the world would be worth spending a penny into if the staff wasn’t qualified. Luckily, there’s no need to fear that in this case. The staff’s service was perfect.

  • Fast
  • Calm
  • Kind and always wearing a smile.

The pizza chef, who’s name is Rocco Cianci, had even moved from it’s “work station” to cut our table’s pizzas (although he rarely does this). And now, let’s move to the final and most important aspect, heart of any respectable restaurant: food.


The pizza chef Rocco Cianci.



I had a very pleasant surprise. Since I was by the sea, I decided to order a speciality of the place.
Rocco Cianci prepared a “pizza allo scoglio” (translated: pizza at the rock), which is a pizza with seafood (mussels, clams, little shrimps and squids).

The seafood was very fresh (no surprise, considering how close we were to the sea).
The taste of the pizza was delicate but intense, wrapping up the taste buds with an extraodinary and underscrivable sensation. The nice touch that created it was the juicy mozzarella cheese sticked to the salty clams and the classic, sweet tomato sauce signature of 99% of pizza kinds. Add to that the unique in the world, pizza dough’s secret recipe created by the chef and you obtain a true culinary masterpiece.

I grew up in Italy. I’ve been in many cities, including Montecatini Terme, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Venice, Bari and others, and I’ve tried countless pizzas (I had even a pizza named after me), but this… this was the best I’ve ever eaten so far. So, in the end my final “verdict” (if so we may call it) is 5 stars out of 5 (not to mention the fact that it became one of my favorite restaurant).

If you’re looking for a great experience that will change forever the way you look at pizzas, then I absolutely suggest you to visit the restaurant Skilé (of course, as long as Rocco Cianci will work there).

If you’d like to contact them, here’s their phone number: +39 0836 811631

And if you’d like to learn more, here’s the TripAdvisor’s link

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