Read For Free Shobhit Dabral’s New Short Story: HERO

On July 25, Shobhit Dabral posted on his blog a new short story called HERO. Recently I’ve published a review about Mr. Dabral’s works and I could’ve easily included my opinion about this new short story as well in it, but it would’ve been pointless. It’s no secret that Mr. Dabral changes writing style and genre with each story, but he still has his own, unique “signature”, which is.

  • as little descriptions as possible,
  • nameless characters,
  • and a powerful plot twist at the very end, usually sending a moral message to the reader.

On the other hand, in this story he has outdone himself by doing the exact opposite. The moment the reader starts reading it, it’s the very moment the plot ends, with a misterious woman walking out of prison praised for the hero she is. The whole story is a giant plot twist on its own, walking back in time and making the reader wondering about what are the events that lead to the “gran finale”. Till here everything is normal right? Many writers have used this technique, however… the difference here is the way Mr. Dabral uses it.
In just two small pages he manages to trasmit more emotions and deepness than many, MANY long-lenght novels (as usual), with the biggest peculiarity being the messages this book leaves in the reader’s mind as if it was a postman leaving them in a mailbox. This story will shock you. It’ll make you feel anger, sadness and a big satisfaction in less than five minutes. My vote for it is 5 stars out of 5.





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