Interview With The Caravan Travel’s Director: David Kozmoyan


Founded in 1994, the Caravan Travel has been a leading company in the Armenian traveling industry. With over 20 years of working history, they offer a unique and different experience to all of their clients. But what does that mean exactly? I mean, sure, we all know that every person has a different experience no matter of where they’re traveling to and with which company, but what differentiates the Caravan Travel is how they program the vacation of their clients, as clearly stated in their website:

The principle of individual approach to every client is the priority of our company. Our main goal is to satisfy the client’s requests on the accounting and fulfillment of their wishes. We’ll always be happy to get in touch with them!

We will help you to pick the best option for travel, matching your requests and possibilities, regardless of whether it is a standard tour or an individual program. We treat every client as the most important one and hence, we apply an individual approach and take into account all wishes of our customers.

An individual approach is the most logical path of action in their case and in a certain sense it helps the company itself. It helps them because of the huge variety of possibilities they offer, which would be nearly impossible to fully exploit with standard, programmed tours only.

What they offer varies from fascinating routes combined with unique excursions and attentive guides in ancient monasteries, fortresses, mountains’ peaks and nature’s masterpieces, to master classes with highly qualified professional chefs for the preparation of famous Caucasian dishes. They collaborate with a wide range of hotels and complexes of different price categories, offering also caterings in colorful cafes and restaurants

(with special cumultative discounts for this latter two).

In this interview, one of the company’s directors, Mr. David Kozmoyan, will tell us more regarding the Caravan Travel and Armenia in general.

Mr. David Kozmoyan



Address: 88 Aram Street, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel.: 8-10-37410-51-81-15 , 8-10-37410-51-82-15

Tel.: +374 93175735

Mobile (working on the app Viber): (0037493) 175735



Official Website (in Russian)

Official Website (in English)




These are some of the photos posted on the Caravan Travel’s facebook page. All photos were taken in Armenia. Click on the photos to see them in their full size.



1 . What is the main goal of your agency?

To earn money 🙂 It was a joke in a certain sense. In fact, our prices are very reasonable.  Our main goal is familiarity with people and the acquaintance of our country, with its cultural heritage, traditions and history. Armenia is one of the ancientest countries in the world and it’s very interesting.


2 . What are the most popular trip locations in Armenia?

The American artist, writer and public figure, Rockwell Kent, called Armenia:

a museum under the open sky.

There’s a huge number of monasteries of the early middle ages, and the temples before the Christian era are closely associated with known events of the history of mankind. Also its nature and food are all worthy of attention.


3 . And what less popular things and places are, in your opinion, a ‘must see’ for someone who visits Armenia for the first time?

Armenia is the first country in the history of mankind which has recognized Christianity as the State religion. In the 303 CE, the founders of Christianity, persecuted by Rome, found asylum in the distant provinces of the Roman Empire: Armenia. Holy Echmiadzin is a Holy place for all Christians. There is stored the tip of the spear with which a Roman soldier called Longinus had stabbed Jesus Christ, and there are also many other relics.


4 . What’s your N.1 favorite place?

It’s very difficult to note just one place. Khor, Virap, Garni and Geghard are all places worthy of a visit. You can read some informations about them on our website


5 . What kinds of hotels and trips does your agency usually focus on the most? For example, low cost or five stars hotels? Trips in nature, in historical locations or in the most modern sides of the cities?

In these matters we try to be as flexible as possible. We take into account the interests of all kinds of tourists. We are working with both luxury hotels and cheap hostels. We plan the routes of our excursions in advance, taking into account the wishes of the guests.


6 . Except for its beauty, Armenia is also famous for its great wines and cognacs. What are the best in your opinion? 

Production of cognacs began in Armenia in the mid-19th century. In Armenia there’s a unique grape variety. For this reason, 200 years ago French winemakers founded in Yerevan the production of cognac. In the late 19th century, more specifically in 1890, the Russian merchant and industrialist Nikolay Shustov Jr. introduced samples of his cognac to the Paris International Symposium for the so called “blind tasting”. Without knowing the origins of the drink, the French testers recognized the cognac as the best and granted it the prestigious Grand Prix. This brandy broke all sort of stereotypes, to the point that once the commitee came to know the brandy’s origins, which they at first supposed were French, they still gived Shustov the permission to label the Armenian brandy as cognac due to its high quality. Up to this day, it is the only not-French alcoholic beverage which is granted the honor and privilege of being marked as cognac. The Armenian brandy soon became known worldwide thanks to Shustov’s business talent and especially to his creative marketing strategy. He applied a very productive and inexpensive technique of advertising. He hired expensively and fashionably dressed people to go to the most luxurious restaurants of the world’s most important capital cities. Once there, they were to order the Armenian cognac from Russia (Armenia was a part of the Russian Empire at the time). The waiters replied that the cognac wasn’t available. Shustov’s workers apologized and left dissatisfied. This same method was applied by Shustov also to Deluxe Stores. Very soon, word of the Armenian cognac from Russia had spread among every restaurateur and every large store’s owner in all the capitals of Europe. Only in Europe, for in those years America wasn’t considered to be a serious country 🙂 All types of the Armenian cognac are aged in old oak barrels, making it even more richly flavored. The more years it has spent in the barrel, the better it becomes. As for the wines, there are many famous wines in the world. However, there is one wine in particular, made only in Armenia. This wine is made from pomegranate juice. It’s worth a try 🙂


7 . Another mark of this great land, it’s its delicious, caucasian food. What are your favorite dishes?

I will say a few words about specific dishes.

  1. Kyufta. This is the meat of a young beef, but it’s whipped to the state of a smooth foam. From this mass, balls are modelled and cooked in boiling water.
  2. Dolma. It’s minced meat wrapped in grape leaves and then cooked in boiling water. It has a light sour taste that united with its broth creates a unique flavor.
  3. And of course, last but not least, the famous Kars kebabs.


8 . Does the Caravan Travel co-work with other travel agencies or companies?

Yes, of course. We have partners in:

  • Europe,
  • Russia,
  • Middle East
  • and Latin America.


9 . I’ve heard that your agency’s work is also linked to a beautiful Armenian island in Italy, in the province of Venice, called in italian ‘San Lazzaro degli Armeni’ (translation: ‘Saint Lazarus of the Armenians’). Is this true? If yes, what do you think people should know about it?

Yes, of course, we know about this amazing island. A small grain of the Armenian culture in Europe. In 1816, the great poet Lord Byron often stayed on the island. Acquainted with the Armenian culture, he also learned the Armenian language. The room where Byron lived, is now used as a Museum. Unfortunately our company had not the honor of working with it.


10 . As a director of the agency, what are your main duties?

The same job as of all directors.

  • To establish contacts with new partners,
  • create new tours,
  • to monitor the implementation of previous commitments,
  • to monitor the performance of staff in their duties,
  • to prevent unpleasant surprises for the guests, etc.


11 . What are the biggest pros and cons of your job?

PROS: It is an interesting work with people. New contacts, new friends.

CONS: It’s a big responsibility toward those same people.


12 . If I may ask, what are the highest and lowest incomes a travel agency’s director can earn In Armenia?

There is no secret. Armenia is a small country, so large amounts are not often given. The salaries vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousands a month, depending on the season and whether the company the director is working for is a big or a little one.


13 . When did you first have the idea of working in a traveling agency?

The founders of our company at the time were employees of the famous Soviet INTOURIST, the world’s largest travel company. So our tradition is nearly 30 years.


14 . How did you start following this passion and when did your career start?

I also started in the Soviet era as a guide to Russian tourists. I think you can see my bad English and as you can guess it, I was working with the Russians 🙂 🙂


15 . Actually, in my opinion your English is very good 🙂 Is there any specifical rule of conduct, or anything else, you think people coming to Armenia for the first time should know?

No. It’s not a strict Asian country. Clothing, food, traffic, and the norms of human behavior are a little different compared to Europe’s though. Our people are very hospitable and in the streets, any citizen of Armenia is ready to help the guests with pleasure.


16 . What advices would you give to someone aspiring to follow your same career path?

It is important to know your own responsibilities toward the customers.


17 . What are your future projects?

We would like to expand the geography of our partners.


18 . Do you have any dreams (both related and unrelated to your business) you’d like to achieve?

No, unfortunately I have no dreams. I am very pragmatic toward that 🙂


​​​​​​​19 . Who are the people whom have inspired you the most?

There are several such persons, but there’s no reason to say their names. You don’t know them 🙂 🙂 🙂








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