Codie Prevost’s Fifth Album “Radio” – Review

As a big fan of Codie Prevost’s work, I couldn’t wait to hear his new upcoming album Radio. Recently I had the opportunity to listen to it before it’s release, and the first thing I noticed was that… it’s not what I was used to. Codie’s sound morphed drastically. It became… wait, what’s the right word again? That’s the point. If I had to choose a word to describe his music, it’d be


As it’s blatantly obvious from the first song to the last, the core feeling this album aims at, would seem to be “nostalgy”. More specifically, Mr. Prevost’s nostalgy as he traveled around the world in a tour, missing his family and friends, is what has inspired these songs, along with the feelings he experienced when he returned home (at least, that was my impression).

Now, there are two types of music… happy music and sad music. Neither of them is bad, they’re both great in their own way. And that’s what never ceases to amaze me about Codie Prevost’s songs… they mix both the types.
Something that at first may seem supposed to be sad, ends up making you happy. Something that seems to be calm and chill, ends up being pure chaos in your heart. His music always plays with opposites in an almost inscrutable way. But you, my fellow readers, probably know this better than me. Afterall, that is Codie Prevost’s classic signature, isn’t it? So, I’m going to cut it short here and go right at the things that are brand new.

Although the old songs were already great, his new ones are more than that. They’re not just songs, they’re experiences. Like a movie, each song plays some scenes.

For example, the last song of the album; Old Clock Radio tells many stories (which I don’t want to spoil for you) in just a few phrases. But what surprised me the most was a technical detail, if so I may call it. It focused much more on the drums, fusing them with pure “country-rock-guitar-style” and an electronic background melody. This made the song grow in power and impact in an extraodinary way. Rather than just country rock, it was more a sort of indietronica.

This wasn’t the only case Mr. Prevost used his built country sound with something coming from a completely different genre.



Just take a look at Loud Mouth as a proof. It focuses much more on alternative rock, with a touch of something else I quite don’t know how to call. Let’s just say it makes you feel as if you were back in the late 2000s, at a huge beach party, drinking and dancing with your best friends.


Take It Out On Me is what I’d call a country pop song. It has a bouncing, chill and happy rythm, and it makes you think of a couple’s silly, beautiful love in all of its glory, and for that, it’s sure to put a smile on your face.


Shut It Down is my personal favorite…

Watching those pretty girls dance, ain’t got no ring on their hands, aaall the country boys are lining up for a chance! To make a little noise, work up the kinks, let us shot it down, and have us a drink!

I mean… how can you not love these lyrics? That’s AWESOME!
As for what regards the music types, this song is mostly country, with a spark of gospel at the end.


The greatest qualities of his music? Each time you’ll listen to one of his new songs, you’ll learn something new, both about them and about themselves. Today Is Not My Last Day is another perfect example, saying that although “today” is not your lucky day, it’s not your death day either. The burst of emotions falling in love carries with it. A couple growing together, having kids, time flying by in a second. And then… realizing you’re the luckiest person in the world.


All the other songs stay straight in the line of his usual country rock style.



Before we approach the end of this review, there’s one thing in particular I’d like to add… there’s something that, in one way or another, I’ve said in most of my reviews and that I’ll never get tired of repeating:


And this my friends, is the case. This album reminds us what’s really important in life, and that’s the quality that made it become so precious for me. It’s now one of my favorite albums ever, I couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat for hours. He took the best from the genres I’ve just mentioned, added his own personal sound and united them to create something unique.

So… all you lovers of positive music out there, looking for something to motivate you, relax you and give you an incredible energy boost, or maybe just something to cheer you up after a hell of a day, look no further! So invite some friends, have a drink and listen to this album till this day ends (and if you’ll want to party even after that… I guess You Won’t Sleep Tonight 😉 ). Before you’ll realize it, you’ll end up snapping your fingers and dancing at the rythm like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly all of life’s heavyness seems to just go away, and that, is the most complex and difficult to achieve type of effect one artist could aim at. As I said at the beginning of this review, this album seems to aim at a feeling of nostalgy, while in truth, this effect is what not just this, but all of his albums aimed at and succeded in. Because of this, my final vote to this album is 5 stars out of 5 (only because there aren’t any more stars to give) and my compliments to Mr. Prevost for outdoing himself and creating these new, wonderful masterpieces.


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