How To Contact A Celebrity: Interview With The Director Of The CODIE PREVOST UK FAN CLUB


In this interview, we’ll talk with Ms. Ash Gilligan, the proud director of The Codie Prevost UK Fan Club. Recently founded, during the early 2017, the club’s main goal according to Ms. Gilligan words is this:

The main goal for the fan club is to get as many people and radio stations as possible to hear and love Codie’s music here in the UK, and to connect with as many Codie’s fans.



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1. Good morning, how are you?

Good Morning Nick, I am great thank you!


2. When and how did you first hear about Codie Prevost’s music?

I received a message from Codie in May/June, he asked if I could please listen to a song of his, which I did, and absolutely loved it!


3. How did you become his fan?

I became an instant fan the minute I heard the song he sent me.


4. How did you contact him?

At first it was through DM on Twitter, now it’s through email


5. Have you ever met Mr. Prevost in real life?

I haven’t met Codie yet, but I’m sure it will be very soon!


6. What is, in your opinion, the best place to meet celebrities?

The best place to meet celebrities is at their concerts, VIP meet and greet!


7. What advices would you give to someone desiring to contact and/or meet their favorite celebrity?

Social media! The advice I would give is to look out for VIP meet and greets.


8. Is there anything in particular which in your opinion people shouldn’t do when approaching a celebrity?

Yes, don’t run screaming towards them lol!


9. Except Codie Prevost, do you happen to know any other celebrity as well?

I do know some very popular artists. For example HOSS and Up Your Alley.


10. Do you feel like there are some celebrities easier to contact than others? If yes, which ones?

All the artists I know are very easy to contact, being friends with them of course!


11. How and when was the idea of an UK fan club dedicated to Mr. Prevost born?

Codie asked me if I would like to start up a UK fan club also in May/June 2017


12. How and when did you start working for Codie Prevost?

I started working for Codie in May/June 2017


13. What are the duties of a fan club director?

I wouldn’t call it duties, I would say it’s the love for Codie’s music lol! Also connecting with Codie’s fans, seeing how much they love the songs, I do email Codie and his manager Al a lot – to do with radio stations etc


14. How many hours a day do you usually work on the club?

I don’t count the hours, but I do spend a lot of time on the fan club page.


15. If I may ask, what are the highest and lowest incomes and/or what are the benefits you’ve received from working as a fan club’s director?

The benefits I receive is seeing how many fans love Codie’s music, and getting Codie’s music out there to radio stations and hear his songs getting played


16. What are the pros and cons of managing a celebrity’s fan club?

The pros – connecting with fans, talking with Codie! The cons – being followed then unfollowed!


17. How often do you have to talk with Mr. Prevost for club-related reasons?

I talk to Codie 3 to 4 times a week, depending on whether ot not there are liners for Codie to do.


18. Are you satisfied with how this work is growing so far?

I am extremely satisfied – and it’s growing constantly.


19. What are all the other most important Codie Prevost fan clubs who are actually able to contact him, that you know of?

There is myself and his Canada fan club that are in touch with Codie all the time.


20. From what I’ve heard, although there are fan clubs who comunicate with Mr. Prevost quite often, not one of them is legally considered to be the official one. Is this true?



21 What are your projects for the future of the club?

I don’t want to say just yet, but watch this space!


22. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the world?

Absolutely – keep on listening to Codie’s music, he’s an awesome artist, I thank you all for your support! Follow myself @CodiePrevostUK and Codie @codieprevost on Twitter




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