Interview With The Author Of “Rest In Piece” And “Abstract Clarity”: B.W. Ginsburg


Ms. B.W. Ginsburg has graduated in college with a B.A. in Arts, majored in English and minored in writing, and is currently working as a freelance writer of mental health articles for the inspirational website The Seeds 4 Life. In October 2016, she published her first novel “Rest in Piece“. From that day on, she continues writing new stories, which got published and (recently re-published with a new cover made by Ms. Lillith Adams) as a one-book collection under the name “Abstract Clarity”.



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1. Good morning, how are you?

Hello. I’m doing well, thank you.


2. How did you feel about your debut book being released?

I felt great! I had been wanting to be a published author for several years and to accomplish that goal felt amazing!


3. Did you have any fear regarding whether or not it would’ve been liked by your readers?

Of course! I honestly think every writer worries about that, no matter how experienced they are. We might write because we enjoy it, but we also want our readers to fall head over heels for our work as well.


4. What are the stories behind the stories in your two books? How did you get those ideas?

The idea behind my novel, Rest in Piece, came from the fact that my grandpa loves puzzles and that this one he had, in particular, really scared me! I’ve also always loved the idea of characters being part of inanimate objects. As for the short stories included in Abstract Clarity, they’re all based on subjects that I love – writing, the supernatural, timetravel, etc.


5. What are the main messages you want to transmit with your novel and with your short stories?

When it comes to Rest in Piece, the real message I wanted to convey was strength of character and responsibility. Also, I wanted to share the importance of creativity. As for my short stories, lessons include trying your best to have a strong moral compass and remembering that it is inner beauty that is most important. Honestly, though, some of the stories don’t really contain lessons, they were just fun to write!


6. Among those in Abstract Clarity, what’s your favorite short story?

I’d have to say Historical Hell. I just love the idea behind it; of what Hell is really like and how important the events that make up history truly are.


7. What is your favorite part of Rest In Piece’s plot?

I really love the adventure that Louise experiences – it’s out of this world!


8. In what categories do you think Rest In Piece fits more into? Sci-fi, Fantasy or something else?

Fantasy and horror.


9. What is/are your favorite thing about said genre/s?

I always say that fantasy allows for a lot of creativity. It really allows your imagination to run free. As for horror, it just adds a bit of thrill and shock to a story.


10. Do you have a specific target audience?

I prefer writing for adults as I read books that are aimed towards adults, but Rest in Piece is aimed more at young adults. I also think that young adults tend to appreciate the written word more than any other age group.


11. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve discovered through your researches for the book?

Interesting question. Maybe just when things were invented and came to be? Knowing the history of the world is important when you want to get things right.


12. When was your passion for writing born?

Probably in about the third grade. I’ve always liked reading and I realized that writing is quite enjoyable and fulfilling as well.


13. How did you start following it?

I wrote love poems and the like when I was younger. I then started writing short stories.


14. When did your career truly start?

In 2016 when I was asked to freelance for The Seeds 4 Life. Then I published Rest in Piece in October of that year.


15. What is the part you’ve been struggling the most with when writing it?

I think just making sure that everything works out – that there are no plot holes or errors.


16. What is the part that on the other hand, had just flowed naturally right out of you?

The ideas! They were all things I was really passionate about, so it just flowed!


17. Who is the character you relate the most to?

Another great question! As short as the story is, maybe Adam Williams from Dream Land? Yes, he’s a guy, but he’s sarcastic and caring. I have a lot in common with Louise from Rest in Piece too.


18. Did you write every day or did you take periods of writing alternated with gaps of relax?

I took breaks. Writing every day can be tricky and I needed time to think things through and make sure things were going how they should.


19. How many hours a day did you write?

To be honest, I’ve never really been one to keep track.


20. How long did it took to finish each book?

About a year.


21. Did you write mostly in the same place or did you change it often?

Same place. I prefer in the living room, where I’m most comfortable.


22. Who are the people who have influenced you the most?

My dad, and authors: Harlan Coben, James Patterson, and John Saul.


23. What are your projects for the future?

I plan on co-writing a detective novel with my dad and writing a fantasy/romance on my own.


24. What are the things you consider the most important in your life?

Family, friends, my health, and my writing. Also, books. Reading is essential.


25. Do you have any dream (both related and unrelated to your writing career)?

To be a professional author – to catch the eye of a publisher.


26. What is your main goal as a writer?

For readers to really enjoy my work and for me to make a living out of it.


27. What self-publishing related advices would you give to aspiring writers?

Never give up and be patient! Advertise, advertise, advertise!


28. And what are the writing advices you’d give them?

Write well and edit carefully – try not to rush. Work hard and again, never give up! Believe in yourself!


29. What are the best writing advices you’ve ever heard and/or read?

Read as much as you can and devote time to reading and writing. I believe Stephen King said that.


30. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the world?

Just remember how talented you are. Remember that if you have faith in yourself and work hard, you will succeed!


31. And last but not least, I’m gonna ask you the most difficult question I could ever ask a writer… not “what’s the meaning of life?”, not “are we alone in the universe?” and not even “is there anything beyond death?”. No, they’re nothing compared to this question… what is your n1 favorite book? 😀

Deadlines by Greg Bear. It’s creative, intriguing, and spooky!





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