How To Flirt With A Woman

When somebody flirts with a woman, she most likely thinks that he just wants to get her naked in his bed and let’s be honest gentlemen… she’s almost always right on that.
This guide, is made for all those men who are actually looking for true love.

To flirt should be the easiest thing to do for us. It’s part of nature and it’s men’s instinct to “conquer” a woman and reproduce. And yet, so many men in the world struggle with it as if it was some sort of rocket science problem.

Everyone has different opinions and techniques when it comes to this subject, but the core advices on which depends your success are always the same:


Confidence is EVERYTHING


  • I’m never gonna get tired of repeating this: BE CONFIDENT!
  • Contrary to common beliefs, women are EASY TO UNDERSTAND.
  • They are not some unknown alien race from a far away galaxy, they’re humans too.
  • Women’s and men’s instinct are programmed the same way.
  • Just like you want to be with the best woman, so they want to be with the best man.
  • And just like for us, for them too, the first impression is EVERYTHING.

You may be the best man on earth, but if you approach her looking down at the floor and stammering in a low, weird voice something like: “Hello. I, I thought… of course, if you’d like to… we… we could, you know… go out sometimes” she’d probably think you’re a chicken.

It does take courage to approach a girl and anxiety will still haunt you the first couples of times. It’s normal. Flirting is simply a muscle that must be trained. The more you’ll try with different girls, the better. Don’t worry if you fail sometimes, it happens to the best of us.
I mean, why should you worry? The world is not gonna end if a girl answers “no” and the sea is plenty of fishes anyway.

In the meanwhile, here’s what you need to know to hide your fears and to avoid failure:

  1. Choose the right moment to flirt. If she’s at a party, in a club, bar, going for a walk etc… perfect. If she’s talking with her friends you could still try, although it’s gonna be more difficult. But if she’s busy with her daily tasks, for example buying toilet paper at the grocery store, avoid disturbing her, for she’ll probably refuse you out of disturb.
  2. You’re not a robot. Your head, back and shoulders must be straight as an arrow when you walk, but your arms and legs must move free and relaxed as if you were going to drink a beer at your bestfriend’s house. NEVER keep your hands in your pockets when walking or talking to her.
    It’s a sign of insecurity and her sub-conscious is gonna interpret it as that.
  3. Style. Don’t listen to those who say that ‘the suit doesn’t make the man. Sometimes, simply knowing that you look good is an incredible boost of confidence.
  4. Your voice. As I wrote, you shouldn’t stammer in a low voice, but you should neither shout or try to be something you aren’t. When it comes to men’s lies, women’s sense of smell is better than a hunting dog’s. Your voice should be calm and you should speak clearly. If you have problems with this, try exercising in front of a mirror. It helps.


You’re the only thing stopping yourself from doing what you desperately want to and need to do


Speaking of speaking clearly, your intentions must be clear. Avoid cheap pick-up lines. Although once in a while they may work, overall they’re what they’re: cheap, low quality. Showing that you didn’t have anything better to say than somebody else’s invention isn’t exactly what I’d call a good move. You aren’t a low quality man, now, are you? No my friend…. you must be a true man and one of true men’s qualities is courage.

No woman wakes up in the morning and thinks:
“Oh God, I wish I won’t meet the perfect man today.” So, feel free to start with something along these lines:
“Hello, nice to meet you. I think you’re beautiful and I’d like to get to know you”.
If she’s gonna answer with some excuse like: “Sorry, I recently broke up and I’m not ready for a relationship” or “Sorry, but I’m currently too focused/busy with my career to think about love”, don’t believe her. She’s lying.
The truth is, that you simply didn’t seem the kind of man she’d be interested in.
And here comes the solution masked as a problem.

Women don’t know what they want.

This isn’t sexist, it’s just a fact. How many times have you heard of a woman who said she’s looking for a good man ‘prince charming style’ and then refused him to go with the classic ‘bad boy’ whom later would’ve broken her heart?

It’s a classic, but why do you think it keeps happening? In nature, all female animals look for the strongest male because stronger means good protection, surviving and giving birth to stronger cubs with better chances of surviving.
Someone might say that in this case, only the richest men stand a chance with a woman. This a myth. Despite our race’s evolution and modernity, we still have primitive instincts. Every man, no matter whom, no matter where, has a chance with a woman.

And those who choose a man exclusively for the numbers in his bank account aren’t TRUE women and you should be avoiding them as if they were infected by leprosy, for they’ll ruin whomever will be so unlucky to fall in their trap.

Then why do ‘bad boys’ attract women so much? Because as Michael Kirk Douglas once said in “The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” (It’s a great movie btw, I suggest you to watch it):

The power of a relationship lies with whoever cares less.

The problem is an illusion because it’s true that women don’t know what they want, but it’s also true that in the end, they all want the same thing, and I’m gonna tell you what that is.

  1. Don’t be to nice and sweet or you’ll give her diabetus = you’ll stay single.
  2. Don’t be too mean. You’re not a jerk.
  3. The trick is between. Be educated. Give her a compliment.
    They spend a lot thinking about what to wear, so it’d be nice from you to compliment her shoes, dress or shirt… even if all you want is to see it on the floor of your room. If you prefer, you can compliment her smile or haircut instead (avoid complimenting her eyes though. It’s an overused cliché and it’s genuinly creepy).
  4. Once she’ll think you’re just another paper to throw in the trash bin called ‘friendzone’, you must change the cards on the deck and show her that you’re there to win. How? Simple.
  5. The first time you flirt, keep the conversation short. Get her number (or if you’re too scared to ask it, find an excuse to ask her her email address. Is much easier to get) and then close the conversation saying “sorry, I gotta go.”

And here comes the third and final step.


Be relaxed but careful with what you say


Let’s suppose you got the number of a hot girl. You don’t have to worry about conquering her anymore. You already did, or she’d never give you her number in the first place. What you must worry about now is to not ruin everything.

  • First: DON’T MAKE HER WAIT. She spent hours and hours preparing for the date and she still doesn’t know what a super-fantastic guy you are, therefore she’ll get angry at you and nothing holds her back from going await. And besides, making a girl wait isn’t a manly thing to do.


  • Second: DON’T STARE AT HER BOOBS OR LIPS!! (. )( .) I know it may seem a hard task, but follow it and you’ll get much more chances of doing more than just watching (even if not during that date. But honestly, do you really think that starring at her body like a hungry zombie increases your chances?).


  • Third: Actually listen to what she’s saying, because she’ll ask you your opinion at one point, soon or late.BONUS ADVICE: Take her in in interesting places. Interesting is relative to her but in all cases: avoid cinemas on the first date. You can take her there another time.
    I’m gonna repeat myself for it to be clear: they spent HOURS preparing themselves to look cute in front of you, FOR YOU, and also to talk with you, so, to go in a dark place where all her work is pointless and where the two of you must be silent for two hours isn’t the best of advices.


  • Fourth: People usually suggest to let her talk. That is a good advice but some men misunderstood it. To let her talk doesn’t mean to never say anything and neither it means to ask her a hundred questions. Remember that it’s a date, not a police’s interrogatory.


  • Fifth: when she asks you to tell her about yourself, be honest.
    If your life right now isn’t going as you want, don’t tell her though.
    You’re a winner, not a pathetic loser who always complains, even if you loose something or you’re in a bad situation, it’s the way you handle it that makes you a winner. The best lies aren’t lies at all… they are just cutted away from the truth.


  • Sixth: Everytime you meet her and you start to chat, always tell her about your new, most adventurous experiences. Travels, extreme sports or situations. Really, the possibilities are endless, just tell her the truth.
    To her, you’ll appear as an adventurous, exciting man and she’ll be definetly more attracted to you.
    If you aren’t really an adventurous type, talk about something you think that she might be interested in, but be careful though, there are countless topics she doesn’t give a damn about.Regarding the ones she trully cares about, speak but not for too long and don’t reveal too much. She always has to have something more (something good, not bad) to discover about you. Be misterious.
    Even when you’ll be in a relationship, you must always (and always in a positive way) be unpredictable and you should always keep flirting with her as on your first dates. Women must be conquered everyday. That’s the secret to keep the passion ignited for years, even after marriage. You won’t regret it.BONUS ADVICE: NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT YOUR EX. NEVER EVER. NOT EVEN AFTER YOU’VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR YEARS, NOT EVEN WHEN YOU ARE BOTH ANGRY AND ARGUING.


Ok, that’s all gentlemen. Now is your turn to create your own strategies and techniques. Please, if this article helped you, share it with your fellow flirters who are struggling just like you did till now.


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