How To Flirt With A Man

Honestly, it’s hard to believe for me that a woman will ever need a guide like this.
I mean, when a man flirts with a woman, she most likely thinks that he just wants to get her naked in his bed and let’s be honest… she’s almost always right on that. Anyhow, who better than a man can tell you what men like or hate? So, sit comfortably, grab a popcorn bucket and let’s begin the show.

Wiz Khalifa once said:

Girls fall in love with what they hear. Boys fall in love with what they see. That’s why girls wear make up and boys lie

… but that’s only partially true. A true man doesn’t fall in love just for the looks. If he likes a girl only for her looks, than it’s not even a crush, let alone love.
Now let’s say you fell in love for a boy who doesn’t even know you exist, (the following advices may be applied also in other cases) these are the steps to make him loose his mind for you…



I know, I know… I just said that looks aren’t everything and here I am talking about them. The fact is, that although they’re not everything, they’re still a lot.
The things you must do are:

First: Don’t overuse make up. We want to date a girl who looks like a girl, not Batman’s Joker. In other words, men prefer girls with a natural face. This doesn’t mean ‘never use makeup’, this simply means ‘use it in a natural way’.
We are constantly looking at other girls and trust me when I say, that despite what you may think, most of us do understand when a girl is wearing too much make up.

Second: Avoid red lipsticks and those weird skin colored creams you put on your face as marmalade on a slice of bread. It’s understandable that you want to look good and that make up boosts your confidence. Great! Confidence is extremely attractive.
Just use a bit of mascara, and a natural looking pink lipstick or lip balm. Wash your face every morning and before going to sleep, then smear on it a bit of good quality moisturizer. Your skin will absorb it quickly, turning healtier, smoother and leaving absolutely no trace.



Ok ladies. I don’t wanna seem an hypocrite, so I’ll tell you this straight:
this time it’s not just about looks. It’s about the signals you’re accidentally sending us.

Even if our so called ‘civilized society’ claims that we are smarter than animals
(although no animal has ever killed anyone to buy a new TV, crawling itself in a mall full of zombies during ‘Black Friday’), we still have primal instincts. Just like in the animal world, our race has some standards when it comes to flirting. Males must be better than other males in order to conquer the females, for the females are looking for the strongest partner to have children from, because it’ll mean protection for her and better chances of surviving for them.

Many men say that they don’t want children and neither they want to make a family. Whether or not you accept his choices is a whole other topic. Returning to the instincts, even those men share them.
The way you’re dressed sends signals to both our conscious and sub-conscious minds.

If you’re dressed in comfortable clothes that don’t suit your body, you’re seen as a too ‘closed’ woman. All work and no fun. You MUST NOT dress in a slutty way either. It’s all about balance. Let me explain:

First: If you don’t want to show anything, than simply wear stretch clothes that emphasize your curves. Like long, stretched jeans (or leggins) and a black polo neck (black makes you seem more slim).
But if you do want to show a bit without being vulgar, remember…

Second: If you’re wearing a shirt (or a dress with a decolté) that partially shows your chest, you must NEVER wear a short skirt or shorts because we’d assume you’re an ‘easy to conquer’ girl. Males are extremely competitive, therefore why should we compete for someone that everyone can get?

Same logic applies to your legs. If you show your beautiful, shaved legs (always shave them) by wearing a short skirt or shorts, than your chest must be closed.
This way, to us you’ll look like a serious, sexy woman worth conquering.

Simple as that. And now we can finally move to a step that has nothing to do with looks…



If you like one of us and have sended him some ‘signals’ and he didn’t react, it’s very possible that he simply didn’t understand them.

Men and women aren’t as different as you might think.
The psychological traits that attract us are pretty much the same: interesting and misterious.

First: Smile when you speak with us and look in our eyes.
Don’t talk much about your work. Actually, don’t talk much about anything the first time you flirt with us.

Second: Ask us no more than three questions about ourselves (otherwise you’ll seem a needy stalker with the whole day free) and let us ask you the questions.
Answer honestly, but keep it short.

Third: After a time between five and fifteen minutes, simply say: “Sorry, I gotta go”

if there’s no way to contact each other, it’s a perfect excuse to give away your number (trust me, most men will be REALLY happy about this). Then go away, leaving us wanting more.

Fourth: The next times you flirt with us, for example on the phone or on a date, you can talk more, but keep trying to be misterious. There’s nothing we like more than an optimist, misterious girl. And besides, letting us talk will make it easier to make us fall in love with you, because as Michael Kirk Douglas once said in “the ghosts of girlfriends past” (It’s a great movie btw, I suggest you to watch it)

The power of a relationship lies with whoever cares less.

Even when in a relationship, the man should always be the one putting at least a little bit more effort than you. This way, he’ll get more attached to you because you’ll be someone he had to work hard to get and he won’t want to start all over again with another girl.

BONUS ADVICES: Another good advice is to give us chances to feel manly, for example ask us to open a can because you aren’t strong enough (even if you are. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret 😉 )
Don’t be too clingy either. Always leave us a bit of space and time to do the stuff that we want to do.

“Why is he giving advices on relationships now?” you might ask yourself.

Well, even when you’re already in a serious relationship, you should never stop flirting with us like the first time. A man must always have the feeling that he still has to conquer you (just don’t start flirting with other men. Nobody wants to be with a traitor). There’ll be moments when you’ll be extremely confused about the way we reason, and my answer to those moments is: DON’T TRY TOO HARD TO UNDERSTAND US.

Everyone wants to be understood and during tough times of our lives, when we do need moral support, a girl will get a ton of extra points for understanding us and supporting us (unless of course, the man is a jerk).
But overall, we are not that complicated. There’s nothing to understand.
We don’t spend our precious time trying to understand ourselves because there’s no need to… we simply can’t. It’s impossible. So, why should you?

I hope this guide will help you. Have a great day and good luck 😉

P.S If you want to better understand us, check this link out:

How To Flirt With A Woman

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