How To Choose Where To Travel

Travels are one of the best things you could ever do in life.
“Nooooo, really? You don’t say Captain Obvious?!?” You might answer and you’d be right. If you’re here, it’s obvious you like traveling, but what if you don’t know where to travel? Shouldn’t be a question to difficult to answer to, wasn’t it for the fact that you already know the answer, it’s: EVERYWHERE.

But of course, you have to visit a place at a time and it may seem difficult to decide, but with this few, simple rules, in my opinion it’ll become one of the easiest things to do. So, let’s begin:



This is the biggest blocks for most people, the “almighty dollar” (or any other currency) is what holds people back from traveling. They need to pay their bills, they need to pay for food, for water and they believe that the money they have is not enought to travel. Well, with this mindset it’ll never be enough, you know? If you want to travel, declare tyourself that you can. “But I don’t have the money to that!” you might say, and my answer is “do you really think that just complaining is gonna get you money?” I mean, honestly, it takes just a bit of research to discover great places that don’t cost much to travel.

  • If you believe that you can’t afford flying around, that I suggest you to check out this website. It’s a browser of low cost flights. It’s available in various languages, just follow the instruction in this screenshot to choose the one you prefer:


  • If you want to travel as often as possible, then I also suggest you to get a “travel credit card”, which is basically a card that will reward you for certain actions, allowing you to travel much more often. If you wanna learn more about it, check out Nomadic Matt’s guide.
  • If you believe you can’t afford to go to an hotel, no problem! You could try to swap houses with other people from the place you wanna visit. To do that, try using it’s the n1 site in the world for house exchanges.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t want to lend your house to anyone, you could simply try to rent a couch or a room at their house, without giving your own by using sites such as or

It all depends on you. I you want to travel, you must make traveling your priority. There soooo many futile things that seem important to us we spend money on. You could avoid some of them and save a lot of money. Enough money to travel. And if you believe that your job doesn’t pay enough even if you save money or that you can’t because of other reasons, just check out (again) Nomadic Matt’s other guide (about traveling when you have no money). He traveled around the world because he wanted to and he setted his mind to do so. Simple as that.


There are many roads you could take, but which is the right one for you?

2 . WHY?

Next thing to find out, is “why?”; Ask yourself why you want to travel. This may seem simple, but if you dig deeper you might get more details. Why do you want to travel?

  • To relax and switch of from work?
  • To have fun with your friends?
  • To have fun with your family
  • To be alone in a romantic enviroment with your partner?
  • To learn something new?
  • To get tanned?
  • To have an adventure?
  • Or something else?

You can’t choose the right place if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Sit down at your desk and write down on paper all the reasons, the pros and cons (you can also write it standing if you want, but I don’t think that’s gonna be very comfortable).


Being at the right place at the right time is crucial.

3 . WHEN

Once you know why, ask yourself when you want to travel? Right now, in a month or after more time? It’s never to early to book up a ticket, for it’ll cost much less. Also, a great advice I can give you is BE UNCONVENTIONAL. Don’t follow seasons, be their opposite. It’s winter and everybody is freezing out there, booking trips to snowy mountains? Then you can bet that the prices for cold places will rise above the stars. And guess where they’ll fall to rock bottom? Tropical, warm locations.
Just imagine… what can possibly be better than drinking a cocktail out of a coconut while laying on a beach lounger and getting tanned in a gorgeous caribbean island with the waves slamming on sand at the rithm of your favorite songs playing in your earbuds? That’s what I call living the good life. And the answer to my rhetorical question? Who knows?!  It could be… going to a refreshing, snowy village during summer, while everybody else is gonna melt like wax and their money are gonna fly away with the migrating flocks. Or… It could be something else. Your job is to discover the best options for each season.


This photo speaks for itself.


Now you know that you (economically speaking) can travel, you know why you wanna travel and you know when you wanna travel.
It’s time to finally choose where to travel. Analyze the informations you got so far and combine them. You should get a pretty clear idea of what kind of place you need to go to, although maybe you don’t know it’s name yet. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely fine. In fact, maybe it’s even better. If you aren’t too picky you can travel to all sorts of places instead of classical touristic destinations. And that’s the best thing about travels in my opinion, to discover new, fascinating places you didn’t even know existed. Anyway, whatever are your preferences, a great way to get some ideas about where to go, is to use I didn’t write before about this site, because it gives you what could possibly be the perfect ideas, only if you have your own ideas and criteria clear. Otherwise, you could:

  • Visit to get, as the name suggests, a list of absolutely unique places you could visit.
  • Try checking out (there are literally thousands of photos to inspire you)
  • Simply ask some friends about the places they’ve been in.
  • Search for other places and stories on the web.


Enjoy your trip carefully.


Now that you’ve chosen a destination, don’t procrastinate, don’t change your mind, don’t find excuses, don’t say “I’ll think about it tomorrow”, because what’s in the infamous tomorrow, will stay there for ever. As Mr.Krab during a chat with Squidward in an episode of Spongebob…

Squidward: Why do today something you can do tomorrow?

Mr. Krab: Yeah, that may be true. But tell me, what is today but yesterday’s tomorrow?

After you’ve setted your mind, failure must not be an option. Learn about the place, spare your money, book a flight (or train or anything else, you got the point) and go there. Many people treat their time as granted, but you got only 86.400 seconds a day. You can spend them as you want and they’ll never get back. You live only once and all that other motivational stuff you know… choose carefully how you spend it, because trust me, you don’t wanna for time to pass with you wondering how awesome it could’ve been to travel. Get up and go discover it. But before you do… check out the customs, rules, traditions etc… in other words, all the do’s and don’ts. It could save your life.
You can look them up on sites such as:

and for other great advices on “how to choose where to travel”, take a look at this link (it’s another article):

and that’s all. I hope this guide (and the other sites I told you about) will help you.

Have fun 😉
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