How To Eat Without Getting Fat

“How to eat without getting fat?” sounds like a dream that comes true, doesn’t it? It’s actually a reality. An extremely natural one, that most people have unfortunatelly forgot. This isn’t one of those articles like “this-woman-looks-100-years-younger!-Incredible-secret-pisses-off-doctors-from-all-around-the-world” and stuff like that. This is just a friendly bunch of advices on how to eat well. I’m not a doctor and neither a nutritionist, and therefore these advices shouldn’t be taken as a “prescription” or anything like that. I don’t take any responsibility for them nor for what you’ll do with them. And now that I cutted it short with the boring-rolling legal stuff, we can actually begin this guide…


Time is everything.

1 . TIME

This is first to take, and also the most important of steps on “how to eat without getting fat?” (sorry, had to repeat myself to be among the first results on google). Timing is the key, it’s everything. Not just in food but in life in general. But good timing for what? To eat of course.
Our body was naturally programmed to eat at specific times of the day. Animals have specific times to go hunting. Why is that? Just because their prays come out at those times? Nope. A tiger goes hunting at sunset and a shark goes hunting at dawn for good reasons. If you eat something in the right moment, it gives you more strenght and less fat than it would in any other time of the day.

In Georgia (the actual country by the Black Sea, not the American state), there’s a great saying

Take the breakfast for yourself, share the lunch with your friend and leave the dinner for your enemy.

Every animal has it’s own times to eat. For humans, the times are:

  1. When you wake up your stomach will be full of gastric acid and you must activate your digestive process by eating or drinking something, so that the acid will consume it. It doesn’t matter whether you woke up at 8 AM or 2 PM, you must eat something. Even just an apple is already enough. Or, you could drink something instead, such as a nice, hot cup of tea or a fresh glass of water with a slice of lemon.
  2. Between 8 and 11 AM, eat your breakfast. Eat as much as you want. The more the better, for it’ll give you enough energy to fully live the day.
  3. At 1 PM, have lunch. Eat well till you are almost full of it, with just a bit of appetite/space left. You should never eat till you can’t continue anymore and come to a point where you feel like exploding. It’s not healthy and it’d get you fatter at an incredible speed.
  4. People usually eat their dinners around 8 PM, but it would actually be better to eat it around 6 PM. After 6PM, don’t eat anymore. If around 10 or 11 PM you’ll feel really hungry, eat some fruits, but nothing more.


What’s this stuff you need to be cooking?


Oh no! If I wanna loose weight I must stop eating everything that has a bit of a good taste left!” is how most people see diets, but this one isn’t nearly that strict. As in everything else in life, balance is everything. Actually, this guide even suggests you to eat more… did I catch your attention so far? Hope so, I’m a narcissist.

Breakfast: As I said, eat as much as you want. But as much of what? Sweets, such as sweet rolls with chocolate cream. Or a big, good ol’ sandwich (don’t take this too seriously though, don’t eat a rotten sandwich). A classic omelette with bacon. The leftovers of the day before (even two big slices of pizza). The only thing you can’t eat are things that swell your belly to the size of a hot-air balloon. What many people don’t know for example, is that you can’t start the day with cherries (and in general you can’t eat too many cherries) or your stomach might literally explode (sound crazy but some people died because of them).

Lunch: You should eat an abundant plate or two normal plates of food. The only things you should avoid are:

  • fried aliments,
  • fat aliments,
  • sauces such as ketchup and mayonese.

If you still want to give flavor, you can eat:

  • Mustard, for it won’t make you fatter.
  • A thing that many people ignore but that often gives a great flavor, is lemon.
  • You could also put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Some people think that, you know, “it’s just oil”, but that’s not even close to the truth. There are various kind of things you could do to completely change it’s flavor as well. For example, where I grew up (in Tuscany, Italy), people putted dried up red peppers or black truffles (also dried up) inside a full bottle of oil, and leaved them there. After a few weeks, they changes its taste, and in my opinion it becomes delicious. The best ones I’ve ever tasted are sold by a small shop in Lucca. If you’d like to try it, the links are (unfortunatelly they’re in italian, but since all sites where you can buy things work pretty much the same, you should understand how to buy them. To add them to your cart, press the blue button):
  1. Extra virgin oil with peppers 40 ml
  2. Extra virgin oil with black truffles 100 ml
  3. Extra virgin oil with black truffles 250 ml
  • MEAT: If you want to eat meat, I suggest you to eat lamb meat (it doesn’t make you fatter… of course, unless you eat the actual fat). Many people hate it’s meat because of it’s intense, particular taste, difficult to comprehend, but that can be easily avoided. There’s more than a way to hide that “unpleasant” flavor.
    A great method for example is cooking it with mint leaves.
  • FISHES AND SEAFOOD: If you want to eat fishes and seafood, the possibilities you have are countless and most of them are incredibly tasty and won’t make you fat. It you’re wondering were to start, just take a look at true italian food (not that garbage some american restaurant mask as “italian food”). And if you don’t know where to look it up, don’t worry, soon I’m gonna publish a bunch of guides about its plates as well.
  • VEGGIES: If you want to eat veggies but think they won’t taste good, my advice is again “try with italian food!“. You probably can’t even immagine how many recipes we have to make their taste… heavenly.
  • SWEETS: If you want to eat sweets, as a dessert you can eat a good ice-cream. Ice-cream doesn’t make people fat. And if you want to eat chocolate, that’s actually great. White chocolate is the one you should avoid though. Milk chocolate is good, but the best you could eat is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has the same effects of coffee without giving you tachycardia. If you eat it with moderation, it has a great effect on the brain, helping you to work much, much better. And if you want something different, prepare a fruid salad with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, kiwi and pour orange juice on it. Or, you could try something different.Use only one of these fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or mulberries. Cover them with some sugar (not too much though, it should be an almost invisible layer) and leave them in the fridge for a few hours (for a night would be perfect). When you’ll take them out, the fruits you chose will be much more tasty (and if you chose strawberries, they’ll probably be “swimming” in a sort of syrup/juice).

Dinner: As I said, you should have your dinner as early as possible. This it the most restrective of meals. Don’t eat heavy foods. Try with something more light, like a salad or a soup.


Nobody likes it. Everyone has experienced it.


If you’re a stressed person, chances are you’re struggling more than others to get thin. That’s because stress obstacles the way your body consumes the fat it has. It holds your body back from using that energy. That’s why when someone is stressed they also feel more tired. The best advices I could give you in this case are partially a cliché. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, try to find a solution to your problem and try to be more detached from the situations that stress you out. Another great advice I can give you is, watch the movies The Secret: Law of Attraction and Yes Man. I know this latter advice may sound like one garbage of advice, but it has helped me a lot, so… who know? Perhaps it could help you too. Why not give it a try?


They’re necessary and one day they could even become a pleasure (because the body releases endorphins, which make people happy and exited).


Exercises are obviously important, but you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym. In this case (“How to eat without getting fat”) it’s enough to exercise just a bit in your room (or wherever you are).


  • Start with five push-ups a day. After a week or two, do ten pushups a day and after a month, do twenty pushups a day. You don’t have to do them all together though. Don’t do them after you ate and don’t do them before going to sleep.
  • Do ten squats a day. For those of you who don’t know, a squat is slowly doing this exercise:

    This is a squat.
  • This sounds ridiculous, but you should clench your butt cheeks a few minutes every day for them to stay hard and don’t “melt like wax” as years pass.

And that’s pretty much it. I hope this guide will help you.
Have a nice day and stay healthy.


Bon Appétit 😉
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