EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CODIE PREVOST – His Latest Song “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” Got Released The 17th Of May


Codie Prevost is a Canadian country music artist. Four-time Canadian Country Music Association nominee and six- time Saskatchewan Country Music Association’s “Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year” award winner, in total, he has won 26 SCMA Awards (Saskatchewan Country Music Awards).
Since starting his career, he has shared the stage with some of country music’s top performers, including:

Codie Prevost singing Famous at the Weyburn’s Centennial Concert (2013)
  • Garth Brooks,
  • Florida Georgia Line,
  • Joe Nichols,
  • Jason Aldean,
  • Big & Rich
  • and Neal McCoy.

He’s toured internationally, performing in France, U.S.A. and in Australia (during his latest tour), which included performances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Plantation Music Festival, and the Gympie Music Muster.

Prevost is set to launch his 5th studio album entitled “Radio” this fall. The album has been produced by the award winning producer Jeff Johnson (George Canyon, Wes Mack) and Jesse Weiman.

“You Won’t Sleep Tonight” which will be it’s lead off single, has recently (The 17th of May) been released on iTunes and Google Play.





Google Play



Google Play



Cody Prevost at Tamworth Country Music Festival in Australia


Personally, I’m not qualified to make a review of any kind. I’m not much into country music and in all honesty, I didn’t even know about Codie Prevost until a few days ago, but… I’ve listened to his songs and they’re some of the best I’ve ever heard.

His music has a “skill”, if so we can call it, that only some of the greatest artists share.

The skill is, that it has a soul.

No matter if the song is about a fun topic, such as an awesome party (song: Next Weekend)

or making love with a girl (songs: Honky Tonk Groupie, Last Night All Day etc.),

or if it’s about the saddest things that can happen in life, like a divorce between a married couple with a child (song: Someday) or the death of a loved one (song: I’m Okay),

it’ll touch something deep inside your ribcage, and it’s not just mere sadness.

It’s already hard enough to make people feel something through a song. Its text could make you remember something sad, because in one way or another we’ve all been through tough times, but what’s trully important and what trully differenciates him from many other singers, is that his songs also give you a sensation of peace.
They make you feel serenity, hope. After you listen to them for a while, even if you had a hell of a bad day, you’ll end up with a smile on your face, and that’s what makes them special. So, yes… I’m not qualified to make a review and I’m not much into country music, but I recognize good music when I see it, and his? It’s perfect. He became one of my favorite singers and if you’ll try to listen to some of his songs, I think you’ll become a fan as well (of course, if you aren’t already).



Good morning, how are you? 

Things are great! I’ve been busy promoting my new single “You Won’t Sleep 
Tonight”. Also my wife and I just had our 2
 baby on May 27th named Everly 
Rae Prevost. It’s fitting how the song title and the new baby tie together so well 


How do you feel about your new song being released?

I am over the top excited. It feels great to have new music for my fans. So far my
 new song “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” has been well received. I’m excited about 
the new album coming out later this year, as I can’t wait to see what everyone 
thinks of the new songs.


Do you write all of your songs alone?

I really enjoy co-writing songs, which means more than one writer. I find having 
more than one writer can really help the flow and help the strength of the song. I 
tend to be better at coming up with music and melodies so I love to partner up 
with writers who are strong lyricists.


What’s the story behind the birth of this song?

“You Won’t Sleep Tonight” is written from the perspective of being a musician 
and spending time on the road away from your loved one. There is always a 
building anticipation of getting home after a long stretch away. 


When will your new album be released?

The plan is to release the album in the fall of 2017! I’ll put out one more single 
and then release the album shortly after the 2
 single comes out!


Your songs explore many topics. From happy ones, like great parties and 
making love with a girl, to sad ones, like divorce, death of a loved one, a 
pregnant woman who must raise her future child alone or give it to adoption etc. 
What has inspired you to make them?

I really get song ideas from anywhere and everywhere. I try to write on topics 
that will connect with my audience and make them feel something. My song 
“Someday” was written about finding hope and courage through tough times in 
life. When we filmed the music video we based it on domestic violence and 
released it. I started getting messages and emails from people who connected 
with the song, sharing their stories of what they had been through in their lives. It

 sure gave me a new perspective as a songwriter.


What are the things you consider the most important in your life? 

Most important things in life are family, music, and learning. For everyone it’s 
different but these 3 elements make me truly happy!


When did you start being passionate about music? 

I started teaching myself guitar when I was 14 years old. I fell in love with 
learning chords using chord charts off the Internet. I finally started entering talent
contests when I was 16 and never turned back.


How did you start following it and when did you finally get the chance you’ve 
been waiting for?

I‭ entered a talent contest and ended up meeting a guy named Alain Leblanc ‬
through the contest who was working at a recording studio. I had performed 
original songs so he invited me to the studio to record. Alain started booking me 
shows and we still work together today! That’s when things really started to 
progress for me.


Who are the people who have influenced you and your sound the most?

When starting to sing I really looked up to a Canadian performer named Paul 
Brandt. All his songs I felt were written for me as I was that kid from a small town
 searching for a big dream. As time went on I started listening to Keith Urban, and
 Eric Church. These 2 artists inspired me to be better at performing and 


What are the messages you want to transmit with your music?

I want to send out messages of hope and strength. My music is very positive and
 I try to always write something that will emotionally affect people in someway.


What advice would you give to people who have a similar dream?

Go for it! Start by learning your craft. Then get out and get experience. Perform 
as often as you can. Keep a mailing list and keep building it with every show you 
perform. Let your fans know what you’re up to and create content as much as 
possible to keep them engaged. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. 



The questions were asked through e-mail, so I thought it wouldn’t be right to write my “comments” after every question as if we were talking in person or on the phone. Instead, I’m writing them here.

First of all…

I wish you and your family the best things there are in life and although I’m not a very religious person, if there’s trully something true about any of them, may it/them bless you all.

Your answers were beautiful and I wish you also great luck with your new album and all of your future projects.


P.S If you want to learn more about Codie Prevost, here are some of his official links:

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