Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: What We Know So Far? Will There Be Another Sequel?

Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Is it possible?

Aye, tis possible.

After the release of one of the biggest franchises of all times’ latest movie, some fans (including me) couldn’t help but wonder whether there’ll be a sequel. Although the critics haven’t gone soft with it, this new sequel is turning out to be an absolute success. And although dead men tell no tales, apparently the box office does…
on May 29, 2017, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales (or Salazar’s Revenge. The title got changed into some countries) has grossed a worldwide total of $285.4 million against a production cost of $230 million ($400 million if we include the promotions and advertisements) and the booty is still growing everyday. Before the release of On Stranger Tides, it was reported that Disney was gonna shoot (not with a gun though) the fifth and the sixth movie at the same time, but it got later revealed that they were working only on the fifth.

However, the whole picture became pretty clear now. On March 4 2017, Joachim Rønning (co-director of the movie, with Espen Sandberg) said:

It’s difficult to ever know. I think that there’s always…this is the beginning of the finale. *laughs* It depends on how you look at it. But I never take anything for granted, and I love the franchise. These kinds of movies, they remind me of the kind of movies I grew up with, those kind of adventure movies that made me want to become a filmmaker. So for me to be able to be a part of this and direct a Pirates of the Caribbean is a dream come true. But I don’t know if it’s the last one, or if they’ll make another ten of them – I don’t know! But I hope so!

In other words, Disney wanted to see how much this movie would incass, and if people would’ve liked it enough, they’d decide to make another one. It surely is a hard task,

How hard it must’ve felt for the new, movie directors to keep up with such a historic serie

But considering how well it’s going, I’d say the result is pretty good so far. Disney has leaved more than a mark as a proof of their desire to continue the serie. The story has a lot of sub-plots, and while some got closed with this “beginning of the final adventure”, others got opened and unfinished yet. ATTENTION! SPOILER ALERT!



When Poseidon’s Trident got broken, a lot of things changed in that world.

  • Will got freed of the Dutchman’s curse.
  • Elizabeth and Will finally get to live together happily ever after.
  • Henry Turner and Carina Smith Barbossa get to do the same.
  • Jack’s curse (which is being extremely unlucky) set on his head after the end of On Stranger Tides by a witch who owned a favor to Barbossa, got broken as well, resulting in him finally returning as Black Pearl’s captain (which got unshrinked by Barbossa).
  • Barbossa’s whole life is a closed topic now. He was the main villain of the first movie, the plot twist of the second, the unpredictable ally of the third, the friend/enemy of Sparrow and Black Beard’s doom in the fourth. In this fifth movie, he turned out to be Carina’s father (and also a great astronomer) and has died again right after revealing it.
  • Salazar got revived and killed again in less that five minutes (Wow, that’s the shortest life ever lived by a character since Barbossa got revived by Will and killed by Jack in less than a minute during the first movie).
  • It is possible that I’ve forgot something. If so, please tell me in the comments.



  • If there won’t be another sequel, than Will and Elizabeth will indeed live happily ever after, but if there’ll be one, the post-credit scene made sure to reveal us who it’ll be starring. In it, Will and Elizabeth are sleeping together in their house, but Will gets awoken by something entering in their room… all we see, it’s a clawed hand that definitely looks like Jones’. As Jones approaches, Will awakes for real… IT WAS JUST A DREAM! But if he was only dreaming, why worry right? He settles back into sleeping, without noticing that there are wet barnacles under his bed. As said By Bill Turner (Will’s father) before cutting his own son’s chest and putting his heart in the Dead Man’s Chest:

    The Dutchman must have a Captain.

    Technically speaking, now that Will returned to his normal life, the most probable thing is his father becoming the Captain, but when Poseidon’s Trident got broken, the cursed men (even the dead ones like Salazar) got revived. This could mean, that Davy Jones got revived as well, ready to take back the control of his ship.

  • If Davy Jones will return and get the control of his ship, than the men who died in the sea will be able to join his crew once again. This could mean that both Salazar and Barbossa could return and ally with him against Jack (immagine how “poor” Cutler Becket’s soul could be greeted by them… perhaps they could even user him to control a british fleet). That would be a great team-up in my opinion.

    Guess how happy would Jack be??
  • And if not, what will be the faith of the mighty Triton’s sword (the sword used first by Black Beard and then by Barbossa)?
  • Who will take the rudder of the Quenn Anne’s Revenge (Black Beard and Barbossa’s ship)?
  • During the ending of the fourth movie, the dying (hitted by a sword) missionary Philip Swift got carried by Syrena (the mermaid who fell in love for him) underwater. Did she save him out of her true love for him or was she lying the whole time and now decided to ate him alive? This latter option seems hightly unprobable (she even cried for him when Black Bear made her think he killed him) but it’s still a possibility.
  • In the post-credit scene of the fourth movie, Angelica Teach found on the beach of the island she was left in by Jack, the cursed doll shaped like him, used by her father to blackmail him and by the zombie quatermaster to save him from death when he jumped of a precipice. Everything that happens to that doll, happens to Jack. How will she use it?
Jack Sparrow shaped voodoo doll.
  • Now that Captain Jack Sparrow has regained his ship, where will he roam? What will he do? Well… except drinking rum of course.
  • Now that Jack is again the captain of the Black Pearl, he also still possess the Dying Gull, his new ship. With two ships, this means that he’s no longer just a captain. He’s a commodore now. But even if he’s a commodore, he’ll still be the captain of the Pearl. But if he’s the captain of the Pearl, who will be the captain of the Dying Gull? Scrum of Gibbs? Most would say Gibbs, but Gibbs had given his title to Scrum in order to avoid a beating from the british soldiers who were approaching the ship. Therefore, let me reformulate the question: will Scrum continue being the Gull’s captain or will Jack nominate Gibbs again?
  • After Lord Cutler Becket’s and Davy Jones’ death in the third movie, Black Beard’s death in the fourth and Salazar’s in the fifth, who will gain the control of the seas? The british empire? The spanish crown? Or will this be Jack’s period of glory?
  • We know nothing about Elizabeth’s life since the third movie, where she got nominated the Pirate Lord (Lady) of Singapore and captain of the Empress by Sao Feng. She also got nominated King (Queen) of all Pirates during the Council, thanks to Jack Sparrow (all pirates voted for themselves. So did Elizabeth, but Jack voted for her instead).
  • This is probably an almost unrelevant detail to the story, but what has happened to Jack’s uncle Jack? Did he die or he managed to escape as well in the chaos?

    Paul McCartney as Jack Sparrow’s uncle Jack.
  • And what about Jack’s father?
  • If everyone who was cursed got revived, does this mean… KRAKEN?!?!!
  • What about Isla de Muertas? If its curse got broken, than all that gold could be safely taken by the only Pirates who know where it is… Jack, Gibbs, Elizabeth and Will.
  • This story has so many sub-plots I most likely forgot to add something. Please, if I did so, write me in the comments.

And that’s all we know so far. Let’s wait and hope for another sequel, shall we savvy?

P.S And if you wanna contribute to the possibility of another Pirate’s movie coming out, just buy a ticket for Salazar’s revenge at any cinema. But remember that just like dead men, during the screening time you should tell no tales either. No one like spoilers. And even if it’s not a spoiler, people paid to watch that movie. Don’t disturb them.

P.P.S In case this could brighten up your day, I wrote a parody of the song Fifty Men On A Dead Man’s Chest:

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Drink with Elizabeth and get some rest.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Thing’s have changed since At World’s End,
On Strager Tides Jack met his ex.
Barbossa got a wig and lost his feet,
He even found his daughter on a ship.
Will disappeared, his son wants to set him free.
The Black Pearl turned into just a memory.
Doesn’t take a genius to see,
That with Carina there’s chemistry,
While Sparrow got unlucky, cursed by a witch.
Yo ho ho drink over it!

Now he even sold his compass and guess for what?
Yo ho ho, for a bottle of rum!
Salazar’s gonna try to get his revenge,
But that’ll be hard, dead men tell no tales,
although they got zombie sharks that swimm with grace,
Let’s hope there’ll be a sequel coming soon,
In the meantime let’s drink with Orlando Bloom.
Please bartender give uuuusssss… A
Just give us that goddamn BOTTLE OF RUM!


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