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Good morning
(or afternoon or evening, depending on where you’re).

My name is Nick Bagrationi.

I’m an aspiring actor/movie director/screenwriter/writer (I’m currently writing my first book) and I’m the owner of this website.

You know… when somebody must write an article or a book, there isn’t nearly as much pressure as there is in writing a brief description to summ up everything he or she wrote. Somebody might start this “about us” zone with something a bit more official, such as “our goal here at howtreasure is to…” and that’s when I get blocked, first of all because for now I’m the only one working on this site and secondly, because I didn’t create this site for a specific goal.

  • I made this site because writing is my passion.
  • I made this site because I wanted to share knowledge of various kinds, so that when someone has a problem or a doubt, he or she might check this site out and hopefully find a solution.
  • I made this site to share positive news, for example about technology’s progresses, nice movies, songs or videogames etc.
  • I made this site because there are a lot of great human beings who create incredible things, and yet they’re unknown to many people and I want to change that as much as I can.
  • And most importantly, I made this site to share good vibes with the world.

So… if I really have to summ it up, one phrase is more than enough.

“Our goal here at howtreasure is to make you smile”

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