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Good morning, my name is Nick Bagrationi and I’m the administrator of howtreasure.com
Originally created as a site of news and guides (the 5th of May, 2017), its ways have changed, but it’s ultimate goal hasn’t.¬†Dedicated to promote great talents of all kinds, and to spread knowledge related to different kinds of everyday problems, its main purpose¬†is to help people from all paths of life to focus on their own talents and skills, life’s true treasures.
Beside this, the site offers also graphic designing and marketing services, included but not limited:
  • to book covers,
  • promotional pictures,
  • free domain website development and paid domain website consulence,
  • Strategic placement of ads on howtreasure.com itself,
  • Advices for beginners approaching SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • Virtual marketing services and consulence on major social networks (more specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
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