Lucifer Season 3: What Do We Know So Far?


The hellish TV show we call Lucifer is outperforming his “cousin”: the famous Gotham.
is averaging 3.8 million viewers (about 300,000 more than Gotham). In DC’s “TV Series Universe”, Lucifer‘s ratings are on par with Arrow’s, making Supergirl and Gotham eat its dust, although for know it’s still second best to the Flash (it’s hard to defeat the fastest man alive in a race you know?). Just let’s hope that it won’t get ordered by the NBC and we can sleep well, knowing that at this incredible rate of success, it’s highly unlikely that this fantastic TV Show will get renewals and continue it’s rise to the heavens of audience numbers.

So, after the shocking season 2’s finale we saw Lucifer finally going to tell Chloe the whole truth and getting hit on the head by a misterious being. Human? Angel? Devil? Or maybe God himself? Nobody knows yet. But what we do know, is that Lucifer woke up in the middle of nowhere with his old wings (cutten away by Maze when he came to earth and later burned by Lucifer himself on a beach), sticked back to his back, in perfect health.

Lucifer got back his wings

It surely was an unpredictable ending (kinda like Lucifer though). Unpredictable, also because there should’ve been 4 more episodes. So… what happened? One of the executive producers and writers of the show, Joe Henderson, has explained everything on Twitter:

‏We designed this season to be an 18 episode arc because we originally were going to be 18 episodes. But then we got 4 more! Surprise!,”


And then he added:

So we decided to create four episodes that let us play around a bit. Dig deeper into the character stories, play with format a bit, etc.

The extra four episodes are being called “standalone” character studies. The four episodes will air at the start of Lucifer Season 3 next fall. The four episodes “stand on their own, but also pick up plots we’ve introduced and bring in new stuff we’ll play with in season 3″.



Lucifer’s third season will air on Mondays at 8 PM, slipping on Gotham‘s old slot. Although Fox hasn’t announced an exact date yet, according to the rumors, the premiere should be between the 18th and 25th day of September. But if you don’t trust the rumors and want something a bit more secure, you should check out the official promo (which states that Lucifer will return on fall… no, wonder right? He’s a fallen angel afterall *badumts*) :



This part of the article is written to clarify which rumors are fakes.

  1. The first rumor, is that the lightbringer (Lucifer Morningstar) didn’t get his wings back and it’s just a flashback. This is absolutely false. How can I know that? He wears his business suit’s black pants and is alone in a desert. You don’t have to be the best of LAPD’s detective to see that this rumor is guilty of being false. It can’t be a flashback of Lucifer’s fall on earth, because it happened many, maaaaany years before business suits got invented and he fell with Maze. It can’t be a flashback of Lucifer’s “retirement” from hell to earth either, because he arrived on an LA’s beach (again, with Maze), not in a desert.
  2. Those are indeed Lucifer’s wings. In the episode where it seemed he burned his wings to crisp,
    the fake wings at the auction.

    he said that the fake wings at the auction where so realistic they would’ve fooled anyone but the owner of the original ones. This means, that Amenadiel could be fooled as well (he already got fooled once, at the auction). Lucifer didn’t burn his original wings, he burned the fake ones. And in the remote case I could be wrong (since Maze, during the first season’s finale healed Amenadiel with one of Lucifer’s plume. But Maze isn’t exactly the most honest or beings, so, he might just have lied), then they could be the same wings remade or a double gifted him by God for Lucifer’s good action. Morningstar had convinced his mother to avoid a war and to trully start her life again by creating a new universe: her own universe.
    And last but not least, Lucifer threw the flaming sword (his last chance to get revenge on God and get back to heaven) in the universal crack/wound/portal. Henderson basically said that the next season is gonna be about who the characters trully are. God has already proved to Amenadiel that he’s his favorite son and has gived him back a power bigger than the one he had (when Amenadiel slowed down time in a much wider area than the one he used, for a longer time in the second season’s finale)

    and now it could be Lucifer’s turn. In this new season, now that he has his angelic wings back, Lucifer could be digging deeper inside himself and his feelings, understanding better whether he’s good or bad (although he has already done that for the past two season, he might still have some doubts. He was afraid of showing Chloe her true face till now).

And that’s all we know so far.

  • Lucifer gets his wings back,
  • His mom got the chance to make her own universe,
  • Chloe will know the truth about Lucifer,
  • We’ll get some fine-as-hell flashback-episodes about not only about the lightbringher but also about other characters,
  • The serie is most likely gonna continue without getting cancelled before due time (at least, let’s pray God it will… and dear old dad strikes again). So far it sounds… lovely (refence intended).

Please, if you know anything else about this masterpiece of a show, write it in the comments.


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