INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN MAWDSLEY: How A Digital Marketing Coach Can Help You Achieve Success



Brian Mawdsley is a digital marketing coach, business strategist, founder of Insideman Media and Inside Courses, renowned public speaker, motivational speaker and also author of three books:

  1. “What It Takes: a success handbook”
  2. “Talking Social Media”
  3. “Digital Warfare”

His motto?

Hustle till you no longer need to introduce yourself

But what are the services he offers exactly? His words are:

No matter where you or your business is on your Digital Marketing journey, I will step in and help you identify your goals, focus your digital marketing efforts and provide tips and tricks of the Digital Marketing trade. I will give it to you straight and work with you and your team to develop strategies that are in line with your business goals to develop an ongoing lasting relationship.

Sounds very promising and Brian Mawdsley has already proved countless times that he spoke the truth,
for he has been ranked:

  1. 2015 – Ranked #3 in Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Africa with Highest Social Media Authority.
  2. 2016 – Ranked #7 for most followers in Cape Town.
  3. 2016 – Ranked #29 in South Africa on Twitter.

And has worked for companies such as Boss and Volkswagen.

Some of the companies he has worked for.

So far, he has:

  • Written 200 articles about various topics, including but not limited to: social media, marketing and events (and is still writing weekly posts on his blog).
  • Worked on 250 projects as a speaker and as a social media influencer.
  • And he has also worked on 210 workshops and trainings, helping many companies reach their target markets and increase their revenues.

The social networks in which he’s considered a powerhouse by his peers and by the organizations he has worked with are:

  1. The podium is contested by Twitter and Linkedin, both perfect sites to gain business contacts and a lot of visibility. In both of them, his influence is considered 100% effective.
  2. At the second place, there’s Facebook, in which he’s considered 93% effective. But truth speaking, Facebook is in general the N1 social network when it comes to advertising anything, for it has been around for a time longer than Twitter or Linkedin have. Therefore, while for example on Twitter, it’s easier to make your profile visible to people that are interested in that specific topic, on Facebook more people see it, including the ones that aren’t interested. So, to have a 93% rating of efficency, offers gains in terms of popularity, comparable to a 200% rating on another social network.
  3. The third place of this “race” is taken by Instagram, on which Mawdsley has a 88% rating.



I don’t know much about marketing, but I know pretty well how hard it is to get noticed on the web.
Afterall… according to there are 3,731,973,423 internet users in the world.
Can you immagine how many of them are trying to make money out of it and are trying to advertise their product or services? Even if it was just the 1% of them, it’d be around 37,319,734 millions of users.

(a HUGE thanks to Norbert Kitz for having the idea of creating the first electronic calculators, the ANITA Mark VII and Mark VIII and to all the people that made the electronic calculators evolve. You’ve all made me save A LOT of time)

From those user, let’s say that only the 1% is interested in your target markets. That’d be 373,197 thousands of users. This is just the most optimistic of versions, for more than the one 1% uses internet to make money and more than the 1% is interested in your target market. With such competition, only the ones with the best strategies take the notoriety they need. There are many strategies that vary from one market to another, but overall the best strategy is the most obvious one: working hard and advertising even harder.

If someone keeps trying to do this and has truly good, original ideas, soon or late the world will recognize its talent. But why wait? In this case, “sooner” is much better than “later”. So, how do you advertise properly?
Just putting some banners or stuff like that will never be enough, even if you spend thousands of dollars. Companies such Amazon, for example, know that well.
We humans are extremely social creatures. We need one another, and that’s why spoken words, rumors, suggestions of friends etc. will always be the best advertisement. You must directly contact all the possible partners, ally’s and customers. Then, if your product/services are good (or will seem good to the customer), it’ll be their job to make you famous. And what better method than social networks? The term itself is included in the sites’ category’s name: “SOCIAL“. If you don’t know how to do it, this could be an extremely slow process, but for someone who knows it well enough, like for example Brian Mawdsley, it could take much, much less time.
Therefore, my personal opinion is that Mawdsley’s work is fantastic and that if you have a business and don’t know how to advertise it well on your own, I definetly suggest you to hire him, for he could help it reach the stardom of its sector.



If you’d like to contact Mr. Mawdsley, here are his official social links:






Official Website

Phone Number: +27 74 854 6507

And if you’d like to buy his books, click down here:


Good morning, how are you?

I am strong and healthy, thank you for asking. How are you?

I’m very well, thank you. I’ve read you’ve recently becomed a dad. My Deepest Congratulations! How many sons and/or daughters do you have and what’s their name?

This was our first born, his name is Quinn.

What do you do exactly to help businesses achieve the popularity they need?

I leverage my understanding of how to use Digital Marketing, specifically social media effectively. Almost every business imaginable can benefit from effective social media marketing, effective being the operative word. I will go into a business and coach them on how to do this in the situation where there neither the resources (people) or the time my company then steps in with our team of digital marketers we then manage the marketing for the business.

Do you co-work with someone?

I have a team of 11 key players, they are all independent and we work together on a project by project basis. My keep people would be Jacqui Mackway Wilson and Andre Prins.

What is the main message you want to transmit with your public and motivational speaking?

Inspiring people to connect.

Although it may seem obvious from the title, I’ve learned that sometimes titles aren’t enough to describe everything there’s in a book. So, what are your books about?

What it takes is an honest view of what being an entrepreneur is all about and how to learn from my mistakes. The other book, The A-Z of social media is a conversation / collaboration between myself and digital specialist where we talk through most things digital and explain them.

Do you plan to write another book? If yes, when do you plan to publish it?

Yes I am working on 2 at the moment, one called 5 years – A True Story and Digital Warfare – an adaptation of the art of war for today’s digital world. Both due to be published in early 2018.

When did you have the idea to work in digital marketing?

2012, I was working with a business coach who after a series of assessments showed that my strengths would be best used in the digital marketing space, that is when the idea first started.

How did your career start?

Started in IT in a technical role, moved to sales all primarily in the internet and ISP space, after the business coach and the digital idea, I thought the only way to do this would be to do it on my own and started my business then

What are your future projects?

I am currently focusing on a few projects,

  1. My online learning platform that is about to have a massive revamp and version 2.0 will be released in July 2017,
  2. beside, for that I have an affiliate marketing business that I founded that is in the Beta test stage to afford people the opportunity to create their own website business…
  3. and finally, a big one is a disruptive app to provide sales people with a research and fact finding tool to make sales calls more effective (this is very early stage and being developed with a first release aiming at November 2017)


Do you have any dreams (both related and unrelated to your business), you’d like to achieve?

I want to take my son and wife and take a year or two when he is 10 to travel around the world

What are for you the most important things in life?

Family, making life a great experience. (I have no burning desire to accumulate ‘stuff’)

Who are the people whom have inspired you the most?

My father, he was able to leave a country at 30 and have to start fresh with a wife and 2 young kids, and retire at 53 to live a good smart life.

What advices would you give to starting businesses?

In the words of GaryVee: “patience and HARD work”.

What are the advices you’d give to anyone aspiring to work in your same industry/sector?

Engage engage engage, the conversation is the content

I wish you great happiness, luck with your projects and for your dream to come true 🙂
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